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Cloud-Based Mobile Worker Management System Increases Productivity

What is the key to a successful mobile worker management system? It is to equip your mobile workers with updated tools that help them stay agile and connected with other field experts. On-premise software does not suffice. ServiceMax’s cloud-based and mobile field service suite can help.

ServiceMax Mobile adds value to your mobile worker management system by being applicable to Smartphone, laptop and tablet devices. The application helps you:

  • Accelerate dispatching and maximize field tech utilization by keeping them updated on what is happening in the field
  • Accelerate billing and minimize mistakes by keeping a track of service details
  • Minimize the work order creation time and close work orders irrespective of Internet connectivity
  • Maximize your first time closures by keeping the field workers connected to experts whilst troubleshooting
  • Access work orders, calendars, service history, inventory data and knowledge bases

ServiceMax helps you collaborate with your colleagues in real-time through ServicePulse and receive valuable feedback.