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Workforce Management Software

It is difficult to handle your field work force effectively and attain perfect balance between effectiveness and efficiencies. Servicemax's flexible, reliable and configurable workforce management software comes armed with dispatching and scheduling features and advanced optimization abilities, which help organizations to streamline and drive their field service, diminish costs and exploit service-related revenue opportunities. ServiceMax provides workforce management software for both large and small businesses and provides rapid, optimized, batch-based dispatching and scheduling and automated, cost-based scheduling optimization.

It is necessary to ensure that you complete SLA commitments and augment the field team's time. This requires determination and the best systems. ServiceMax enables you to track field service teams and their territories, and field activities such as formation, assignment, execution, closure and examination of fieldwork internally and through out your partner service teams. This ensures that your field team has been utilized successfully. Besides, monitoring and management of service requests guarantee that they are solved within SLA commitments and satisfied customers drive new revenue opportunities.