ServiceMax from GE Digital

Kickoff/Initial Design

Full project team, multi-day onsite meeting with focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), methodology, requirements and to be processes.

guy-black-icon CUSTOMER
What's Happening
Team refinement of roles and responsibilities; scope; governance; escalation points; high level plan review; ServiceMax terminology; Communications Strategy; refine RACI as required
Executive Sponsor(s); Project Manager; key decision makers; Subject Matter Experts
Not paying kickoff the appropriate time and effort (do not combine with requirement gathering); not incorporating training and change management at this point; lack of Executive visibility; Resources, Expectations and Outcome mis-alignment; Education Services - potential impact to early adoption
servicemax-black-icon SERVICEMAX
What's Happening
Kickoff deck is reviewed with the larger team; requirements; Statement of Work details reviewed with the larger team; key questions asked to gather additional details around user stories and requirements; Marketing, Customer Support, Customer Success (if premier) provide content for the kickoff and how to manage evergreen going forward; refine RACI as required; Introduction to Education Scope and Resources
Project Manager; Account Manager; Global Solutions; Solution Architect; Global Development Center Lead; Marketing; Training; Customer Support; Customer Success; Education Resource
Not being prepared with defined roles and responsibilities; not engaging with the customer; starting with a 'blank' slate (not using ServiceMax best practice processes as a starting point)
guy-black-icon DOCUMENTATION / TASKS
  • Agenda
  • Kickoff Deck
  • Project Plan
  • Organizational Structure
  • Customer Meetings
  • Demonstration/Overview
  • CoPilot Setup
guy-black-icon DOCUMENTS

  • User Stories Imported from Business Process Library (BPL)
  • Kickoff Deck
  • To Be Process Flows
  • Demonstration
  • Technical Agenda
  • Requirements Gathering