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Program Strategy

A successful implementation is built upon having a clear business strategy with measurable targets, a clear IT strategy for the future landscape, and a clear program strategy to control the program. All 3 items help ensure the expected value outcome. This phase develops these strategies and sets the program up for success.

guy-black-icon CUSTOMER
What's Happening
Confirming business and program objectives; Identifying and agreeing KPIs and metrics to measure success; Developing a functional blueprint and agreeing definition of a global template; Developing/confirming an enterprise architecture strategy; Performing a high-level stakeholder assessment to establish resistance areas; Confirming program structure and introducing governance;
Executive sponsors; Customer Business leadership/ decision-makers; Customer IT leadership/ decision-makers; Transition Management
Poor participation or lack of executive support; Decisions not made; No vision, targets or ways to measure;
servicemax-black-icon SERVICEMAX
What's Happening
Functional blueprint development; Deployment strategy development; Enterprise Architecture strategy; Transition management planning; Governance planning;
 Program Director, Project Manager, Enterprise Architect
Lack of participation and/or executive support may potentially reduce the overall success of blueprinting as well as future phases
guy-black-icon DOCUMENTATION / TASKS
  • Executive summary
  • Program objectives, incl metrics & KPIs
  • Program Org structure incl. roles & responsibilities
  • Functional blueprint
  • Enterprise Architecture strategy
  • Deployment strategy
  • High-level timeline
  • Program communications structure, incl status reporting approach, etc

  • Methodology & tools approach
  • Data migration approach
  • Quality approach
    • Testing strategy
    • Go/No Go tollgate approach
  • Stakeholder assessment
  • Change and communications strategy
  • Risk/issue management approach