Domino Printing Sciences, a subsidiary company of Brother Industries Limited, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial and digital printing solutions. They focus on data coding, product marking, serialization, variable printing and labeling on items we use in our everyday lives. This includes products from industries like beverage and food, as well as life sciences, beauty, and tobacco. Domino has over 500 highly trained technicians that provide field support in over 120 countries. By working with ServiceMax to maximize their techs’ efficiency and minimize the time it takes to diagnose and fix their machines, Domino is showing their customers that they are committed to delivering the highest standards of service.


Domino Printing Sciences


1,001-5,000 employees

815 ServiceMax users

Cambridge, United Kingdom


“ServiceMax has allowed us to bring all subsidiaries onto a common platform and increase communication between those subsidiaries. It has helped Domino to create a Global Service Management Community that are measured against common metrics and are able to help each other to increase performance”

Daniel Hicks
Global Service Project Manager

ServiceMax Customer Video: Domino


For many years, Domino knew they were the best in the industry, but in order to remain the best they needed more numbers to prove it. “We were not measuring anything,” explained Russell Jacobs, Business Analyst for Service. One number Domino did see was unsuccessful technician jobs. “We had a high number of failed visit. The engineering wasn’t fulfilling what was required, and we had no measurements of it.”

Part of the failed visits was due to the lack of knowledge the technicians had on hand at a customer site. This included low insight into product history and customer knowledge, as well as information varying from country to country.

Domino saw this as an opportunity to equip their technicians with better tools, which would ultimately result in measurable data and faster service.


This need for change led to “Step Change in Service,” a new service approach for their global service program. “The idea was to give much more autonomy to our service technicians so they could become site managers for Domino equipment rather than just go in on a reactive service job,” Jacobs described. The key to this project was the implementation of ServiceMax, which strengthened their technician’s tool kit.

Domino technicians now utilize ServiceMax for iPads. A huge benefit of the ServiceMax product is the offline capabilities. Previously, technicians had trouble finding signal in customers’ vast factories, but that’s no longer the case.

Other ServiceMax features the Domino teams take advantage of include the dispatch console for scheduling and installed base and parts inventory management for visibility into products.


Today, Domino UK has a 360-degree view of its entire business. “For the first time in the company’s 40-year history, the global field service organizations are using a common platform and measuring against a common set of metrics,” Daniel Hicks, Global Service Project Manager, shared. Some of Domino’s KPIs include first time fix rate, first time installation rate, engineer utilization, NPS, and customer satisfaction.

With the help of ServiceMax, lead generation has been a huge success. Engineers are now incentivized to create leads, which “generated thousands of leads over the last few years, bringing in millions of pounds,” according to Jacobs. Service engineers have had a powerful business impact through lead generation, they’ve generated thousands of leads resulting in tens of millions of points in additional revenue.

Now, planning for the future, Domino has recently launched DCI – Domino Cloud Interface. “It’s an interconnected box that our printers can plug into and it connects to the internet. We are now bringing information back out of our printers,” which is sharing back into ServiceMax. Domino’s ultimate dream is to have their printers monitored 24/7 with work orders automatically created and technicians dispatched when needed. “We’re getting to the point where this is a reality and we know ServiceMax is very much behind us and seeing the same vision.”