With a worldwide network of dispatch and quick turn engine maintenance facilities, GE Aviation’s On Wing Support provides over 4,500 rapid repair solutions a year to more than 250 customers globally. Their technicians are OEM-trained and offer 24/7 Aircraft On Ground (AOG) support to get planes back in the air quickly, as well as perform repairs at the flight line for all GE and CFM engines to avoid flight delays. From Dallas to Dubai, On Wing Support’s 300 service technicians are always ready to provide rapid engine maintenance for their commercial airline customers around the world. To make sure they’re dispatching the right technician to the right job, On Wing Support turned to ServiceMax’s dedicated field service solution.


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“Our SLAs guarantee that we’ll have engineers on the ground within 24 hours—and ServiceMax helps us deliver on that promise.”

Kevin Geiger
Regional Service Director


“We’re described as urgent care for the airline business,” says Christine Duborg, staff technical project manager for GE Aviation. “We have every airport code in the world loaded into our database and can be anywhere our customers need us to be.” Specifically, On Wing Support promises to have technicians on the ground within 24-hours. Prior to ServiceMax, they handled their service organization through their ERP system. However, it was challenging to pull crucial details about a technician’s location and experience that would help dispatch the right person to the right job.


On Wing Support moved all its field service management capabilities, including job management, maintenance costing, and invoicing, to ServiceMax. Duborg focuses on customizing the ServiceMax modules, scheduling, contracts, warranty, entitlements, mobile, and work order debrief, to reduce the administrative time for the field service technicians.

The team is also taking advantage of the ServiceMax Marketplace, working with MapAnything to see geographic overlays of service technicians and locations. “If I have technicians at a distant customer site, I don’t want to send another person to that same location,” Duborg says. “I can view a technician’s skill sets at the same time I see their locations on a global map, so that I can make the best choice about who to deploy to a job and from where.”


Within the first year of implementing ServiceMax, On Wing Support exceeded their service revenue goals by 130%! Part of this incredible increase is due to a reduce in errors and a rise in productivity. “The customer experience is the most important priority. We need data to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, but we don’t want the techs to focus on that. Their minds need to be on repairing the engine. We are focused on innovative ways to streamline processes and gather data without pulling away the technician’s attention and time. That’s where ServiceMax comes in.” With a dedicated field service solution, GE Aviation On Wing Support is keeping their techs happy, their customers satisfied, and their business strong.