LitePoint Corporation designs, develops, and supports advanced wireless test solutions for wireless devices and consumer electronics, contract manufacturers, and wireless integrated circuit designers. The company was the first to introduce a solution for high-throughput multi-device cellular testing, and now over 70% of the world’s wireless devices are being tested by their solutions. In order to make service a significant part of LitePoint’s revenue, they knew they needed an end-to-end field service solution.


LitePoint Corporation


51-200 employees

50 ServiceMax users

Sunnyvale, California


“We’re driving service revenues, making them a big part of LitePoint’s revenue, and now we have a tool we can do that with.”

Kyle Hurlbut
Director, Engineering Services

ServiceMax Customer Testimonials - LitePoint


While LitePoint had no trouble gathering the service data they needed, they had a significant challenge. “We were doing a reasonable job at service,” explains Hurlbut. “The issue was we had all the data, but we did not have a view of it.” Their lack of end-to-end field service visibility across different aspects of field service made it difficult to make informed decisions, as well as made updating their complex databases and spreadsheets very time consuming.

In order to take their service department’s revenue to the next level, LitePoint knew that they were going to need better insight into their data.


Per a recommendation, LitePoint looked into ServiceMax and immediately realized that the platform was a one-to-one solution for their field service needs. They started using Service Level Agreement (SLA) clocks so that technicians could measure their time left to repair. The dashboards and reporting feature gave them the much-needed view into the data they were looking for. Other features that they took advantage of include ServiceMax’s customer communities and Installed Base management.

“At one point we thought about creating the software ourselves, building it, and rolling it out, and we’re just so glad we didn’t. We’re happy we now have a flexible solution with ServiceMax,” Hurlbut mentions.


LitePoint has seen phenomenal results since implementing ServiceMax. The customer communities have improved customer satisfaction, resulting in a 40% decrease in time to repair. On-site with customers, engineers now have more visibility, which has improved efficiency. Service costs have gone down by 30%.

The new insight into reports and dashboards has been key to their business. “With daily reports, we can talk about what the problems are and where we can improve. It’s quite a revelation,” Hurlbut shares.

LitePoint was already providing great service, but now with ServiceMax they have a view of everything that is going on. “We were trying to make service a significant part of LitePoint’s revenue, and now we have a solution we can do that with.”