Mechdyne Corporation is one of the world’s leading providers of visual information technologies. They provide customized solutions that transform complex data into insights and ideas. This includes consulting and technical services, software, and hardware integration. Many influential companies in areas like government laboratories, energy, and U.S. armed forces rely on Mechdyne to keep their AV and IT working. The key to staying ahead of their competitors is to provide exceptional customer service, thus Mechdyne knew they needed to stay in the lead by adopting a digital solution that would take their service operations to the next level.


Mechdyne Corporation

High-Tech Manufacturing

201-500 employees

Marshalltown, Iowa


“Our ServiceMax-based online service database is a major selling point for prospective customers, and it keeps existing customers happy.”

Matthew McKaig
Global Services Manager


Mechdyne attracted new customers with their reputation for providing exceptional service. Customers expect responses within hours instead of days, as well as detailed key performance metric reports and real-time updates.

To grow, meet these market demands, and stay competitive Mechdyne needed to overcome service delivery challenges. “We used to operate our field service division on a CRM system that, ultimately, was unsuitable for the task,” explained McKaig. “The system was designed for internal use only. You couldn’t have a customer entering requests or managing their own information. We knew that this would not support our growth goals.”


Once Mechdyne was introduced to ServiceMax, the company knew this was an opportunity to improve their customer relationships. They began utilizing various ServiceMax features including work order management, installed base management, entitlements, service parts, and customer communities.

The customer community was the key component in their solution. Now, customers can create their own service requests, track, schedule, and communicate with Mechdyne’s service team in real-time. It also provides customers with quick access to asset inventory, warranty information, product documentation, and installation diagrams.


“Our Pivot program [customer community] tightly binds our customers to Mechdyne. Every detail about the customer products and service history is in our system. This puts the customer in charge of the relationship and creates a very engaging environment for Mechdyne and our client,” said McKaig. This has helped Mechdyne increase their customer satisfaction, which has resulted in a higher NPS score.

Today, 70% of calls are resolved within the first time and service response time has improved by 98%. The Mechdyne team has all the information at their fingertips, so now they can promptly address the issue, and connect with the customer within an hour after the ticket was submitted. “The ServiceMax platform has given us the hard data we need to better manage our service efforts,” shared McKaig, “there’s nothing we don’t like about the ServiceMax platform.”