Nautilus Company provides residents of South Carolina with exemplary customer home building services, as well as home management and preventive maintenance programs. Their goal is to reduce the stress of owning or building a home. They ensure quality customer service through individual attention from either their homebuilding or management teams. While Nautilus was extremely focused on managing their customer relationships, they wanted another system that would help manage their field service business so they could continue to focus completely on their customers, and not worry about admin work.


Nautilus Company


2–10 employees

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina


“The most important factor for me was accountability. We have service contracts in place with our customers that involve many small details. The beauty of ServiceMax is that we can put those contracts straight into the program and Work Orders are automatically generated and we know about them ahead of time to schedule. Nothing gets overlooked now.”

Bill Payzant
Founder & Owner of Nautilus Company


At first, Nautilus tried to build out their CRM’s functionalities to include field service responsibilities. However, as their company began to grow, they realized these CRM workarounds led to energy being spent on IT instead of on growing revenue. Nautilus Company was ready for a scalable software that would allow them to solely focus on growing their business.


Nautilus implemented ServiceMax Mobile for iPad. They use it to automatically generate Work Orders for upcoming Preventative Maintenance contracts, as well as for picklists for ensuring accurate data. The Dispatch Console is also utilized for keeping track of what work orders need to get scheduled.

Starting with their core business processes, the company used a phased implementation approach. “I was really impressed with how ServiceMax handled the implementation process. They laid everything out that we needed to complete the project. After 2 months, we were up and running,” explained Denise Carpentier, Special Projects Manager.


Immediately, Nautilus saw an improvement in their technician’s productivity. The amount of missing inspections decreased by 100%, which has resulted in an increase in customer satisfaction.

Increased visibility has also improved productivity. “Previously, we had all of our technicians servicing one large area. By using ServiceMax, we realized that by splitting up our technicians by geographic regions we would greatly improve our productivity, and save us time and money on gasoline,” said Payzant.

With their new automated service process, the team at Nautilus Company doesn’t have to worry about managing their IT systems. Instead they get to focus on helping their customers reduce the stress of owning or building a home!