PAC is a leading global manufacturer of advanced analytical instrumentation for laboratories and online process applications in industries like biofuels, petrochemical, and environmental. They offer cutting-edge technology and prominent research to support their core technologies of gas chromatography, elemental analysis, physical properties, fuels composition and laboratory automation. With a product portfolio of over 200 testing instruments, PAC works hard to establish procedures that their customers rely on every day to build better products and support a cleaner environment. PAC chose ServiceMax to continually build upon their strength in customer support using a Field Service Management platform that added value to their customers now and into the future.


Petroleum Analyzer Company

Oil & Energy

201-500 employees

110 ServiceMax users

Houston, Texas


“If we can use ServiceMax to consistently get high marks from customers, then revenue will follow.”

Eric Rivas
Director of Service and Aftermarket, PAC


Customer support is a key element in PAC’s corporate strength, and in order to build on that they turned to a Field Service Management platform: ServiceMax. “We were managing our technicians using an ERP solution, which is really intended for operations and accounting — not field service,” Rivas explains.

PAC wanted to guarantee they were capturing all relevant data to service calls so they knew they were utilizing their techs efficiently and providing the best possible service to their customers. “Our ERP system could only manage one serviceable product on a work order, so one technician might have 30 work orders outstanding for a day’s worth of work, with no easy way to manage them.”


PAC was introduced to ServiceMax at a conference, and they immediately knew they could take advantage of Service Flow, the configurable process steps built into ServiceMax. This functionality was key to standardizing the delivery processes across all regions. With Service Flow on iPads, PAC technicians are now recording billable hours, generating service reports, collecting signatures, and closing out work orders on-site. Thus, less time on administrative tasks, and more time on providing exceptional customer service and support!


Because technicians can capture customer information on-site, PAC has been able to dig deeper into KPIs. For instance, PAC pays attention to when a technician arrives on site and when they capture the customer signature, which allows PAC focus on reducing response and resolution time.

The combination of better insight into KPIs, as well as other benefits such as tighter invoice and payment cycles, improve customer service, and better technician utilization, has generated higher profit for PAC. “In 2016, a year in which many of our customers in the oil industry were cutting their spending, we were able to continue growing our revenue” Rivas shared.

PAC’s service leadership believes that supporting their customers requires technology that’s focused on the future, and with the help of ServiceMax they’re able to add more value to their customers now and in the future.