PV Heating & Air, previously known as Peavey AC and Heating, strives to give homeowners the best solutions for HVAC and home performance, utilizing scientific data, highly trained technicians, and a personal touch. They are a premier air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality provider in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Due to their super customer service and proven track record, industry elite like Trane, Icynene, and Mitsubishi choose PV to represent their brand. As a family business, PV used their excellent customer service to differentiate themselves from their competitors. To help with this, they partnered with ServiceMax to automate their system so they could spend more time on their service.


PV Heating and Air


50-100 employees

Atlanta, Georgia


“ServiceMax makes response time a lot quicker, and it helps us be more efficient in communicating and getting things accomplished.”

Joseph Peavey

Peavey Home Performance: ServiceMax Case Study


PV spent a great amount of time performing manual tasks. Technicians would handwrite invoices and then admin would type them up. Time and money was being spent entering information twice, with the risk of incorrectly copying the original invoice.

PV needed a system that would save them time, money, and protect the accuracy of customer information. This is when they turned to ServiceMax.


“We use ServiceMax for everything,” explains Peavey. This includes assigning tasks, logging calls, managing inventory, sending emails, working opportunities, exporting reports, and creating work orders, and tracking parts.

“I use ServiceMax on a daily basis to run service calls, write WOs, and more. If another tech went out before me, I can easily look and see what’s already been done without having to contact anyone,” Alan Edge, one of PV’s technicians, shares. Technicians are also using their iPads to take pictures and videos of their installations, which is providing customers with full transparency.


PV Heating and Air has seen a great amount of growth since implementing ServiceMax. There’s been a 50% increase in revenue. With information at their fingertips, PV technicians have been able to sell more on-site. “Anytime I’m on a service call, I definitely look for up-sell opportunities, and times where I can make recommendations to improve home owners’ air quality or efficiency of their system,” Edge shares.

They’ve also grown their customer base, which has required PV to hire more technicians.

ServiceMax has driven PV away from manual processes and has allowed the company to focus on strengthening customer relationships. “I would recommend ServiceMax. It has made my life a lot easier.”