QubeGB provides field and managed services to the telecommunications and ISP industries. Covering 98% of the UK, their vision is to be the service provider of choice by bringing together best practices and technology with their full trained, customer focused workforce. Their services cover both domestic and business customers from SMBs to Blue Chip organizations and include offerings for emerging technologies such as Fiber to the Home and Smart Metering. Part of QubeGB’s business strategy for growth was to shift to an outcome-based managed service model, which is why they turned to ServiceMax.




201-500 employees

Galaschiels, Scottish Borders


“ServiceMax gives us better management information with dashboards, easier reporting, increases our engineer utilization, and supports our shift to a recurring revenue model of managed services. The built-in intelligence also empowers our engineers to work better and smarter in the field, which has been extremely well received by both engineers and clients.”

Mussy Kurt-Elli

ServiceMax Customer Video - Cube GB LTD


“The old system was good for its time, but as we added new customers and the SLAs we had to comply with became more stringent, we needed a system that would enable us to handle this without doing more manual intervention,” Kurt-Elli explains.

QubeGB’s in-house legacy system was not automated which sometimes caused widespread frustration among engineers. If something were to go wrong in the system, engineers would have to redo work in order to solve the situation. “We wanted the capability to make their life easier and quicker so they could spend less time at a customer’s premises.”

Kurt-Elli’s goal was to enable engineers and their operations team to be able to generate reports for customers or for internal use through the click of one button. He knew these reports could provide important insight that would contribute to the growth the company wanted.


Before deciding on ServiceMax, QubeGB did a complete analysis of the top field service software. They ultimately decided on ServiceMax due to its flexibility, capability, safety and reliability of the system, and the popularity of the platform it is built on.

ServiceMax was deployed to 500 engineers on iPads, where they now have insight into products, history, scheduled maintenance, Cases and Work Orders, and customer interactions.


QubeGB saw immediate results and felt that they got their money back within 12 months. “In our old system we were able to deliver 50,000 jobs per month, but by using ServiceMax we’re able to shave around 10 minutes per job, which translates to having the ability to do an additional 10,000 jobs per month,” Kurt-Elli shares.

Not only did they reduce the amount of time it takes for jobs to be completed, but they reduced the number of workflows they had by 75% and saw a productivity increase of 20%. Engineers felt comfortable and confident in the new system and it was reflective in their work.

There was also an improvement in their customer relationships. Clients used to ask for a particular report that would take QubeGB three months to create. Now, it only takes a couple of hours.

Since working with ServiceMax, Kurt-Elli describes us as a company “who delivers to the best of their ability. They’re an organization that seriously drives satisfactory outcomes to the customers.” Today, QubeGB is able to focus on growing their customer base with an outcome-based service model without having to worry about a manual process.