Fluid Management, an IDEX company, is the leader in automatic dispensing, mixing, and sharking equipment in the architectural coating industry. These systems deliver perfect colors to big and small retailers, including Lowes, Sherwin-Williams, and Home Depot. Fluid Management works closely with their customers, paint equipment companies, and paint manufactures to create easy-to-use products that fit a wide range of applications.


Fluid Management


201-500 employees

Wheeling, IL


“I would recommend ServiceMax because the functionality of the software - you see everything you need to run a service organization.”

Dan Schiess
National Service Manager

Customer Story: Fluid Management


In order to contact their nation-wide service team, 90% of which were subcontractors, Fluid Management used regular phone calls, as well as log books. It was extremely manual and inefficient to contact and schedule technicians.

There was also limited visibility into their data. There was no real-time reporting. “Any reporting that was done was always delayed. It was more reactive than anything,” Schiess pointed out.


Fluid Management was able to combine ServiceMax into their current processes. They integrated with JD Edwards in order to manage their accounts payable and accounts receivable with ServiceMax. This integration ended up eliminating a handful of manual processes.

ServiceMax was also merged with their time card system, so they could better track their technicians’ daily schedules.

“We have a uniform method of data transmission for all,” exclaimed Schiess. “We can see where the work order is, who it is going to, the status, and when it has been resolved or completed. All through utilizing the ServiceMax program.”

During their implementation, and deployment, of the solution, Fluid Management worked closely with various ServiceMax teams. “[The teams] know the business, not just the product. They take the time to understand what you’re trying to get out of using.”


By using ServiceMax Fluid Management has become much more automated. Automation has helped Fluid Management decrease their time to invoice by 67% and save a large amount admin time.

“We have embraced technology. We have real-time reporting. We are able to be a lot nimbler than we used to be because we can see certain trends quicker and the reporting is much more robust. That functionality within that has enabled us to be a much smarter service organization and provide a better service to our customers.”

Fluid Management has also seen an increase in customer satisfaction, partially because customers now have a view of their equipment. “They can see the behavior and trends of their own equipment. It’s full transparency, something we didn’t have before. The full transparency keeps us on our toes.”

“You can get support from the teams within ServiceMax. They understand the business, not just the product. They take the time to understand what you’re trying to get out of using ServiceMax.”