Kiwa Inspecta offers a variety of services per package. They provide over 300 options including in the areas of inspections, testing, certification, technical consultancy, and training services. Kiwa Inspecta creates trust by staying transparent regarding the quality, safety, and sustainability of their products and services.


Kiwa Inspecta

Oil & Gas - Inspection Services

1,001 – 5,000 employees

Helsinki, Finland


“ServiceMax has a really comprehensive and flexible product with a professional and friendly workforce! #RavingFan”
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Kiwa Inspecta’s engineers perform nearly 1,000 inspections per year for 100,000 customers in eight countries. Hence, they must manage a complex web of customer data, service records, and technical specifications. While there are similarities in managing service data, due to different requirements set by industry or country they needed a unified, yet customizable service solution.


The company decided on ServiceMax as their new field service solution because of its flexibility. The team at Kiwa Inspecta was excited over the configurations they could create for each country and inspection type.

Kiwa Inspecta also took advantage of the on-site customer document delivery, this decreased their time to invoice, speeding up the overall payment process. Part of their unified system also focused on a collaboration app, which increased engagement and knowledge sharing among employees.


With ServiceMax, Kiwa Inspecta eliminated all manual data entry. This helped increase engineer efficiency by 15%. Now with a single field service platform used by all, there is more local and cross-border team collaboration.

This new engagement among teams contributes to a culture of information sharing at Kiwa Inspecta. Employees began interacting in the cloud, writing back and forth on what they were learning in the field. This engaged, more knowledgeable workforce is now contributing to increased customer satisfaction, demonstrating that ServiceMax not only satisfies internally, but externally as well.