For over 130 years, SPP Pumps has manufactured centrifugal pumps and systems. They have been used across various industry applications including construction, fire protection, mining, oil and gas, power generation, and water. Their customers’ pumping applications are usually very demanding, and typically live in hostile or extreme temperature environments around the globe.


SPP Pumps

Manufacturing & Industrial Services

501 – 1,000 employees

Reading, UK


“Moving to the cloud with ServiceMax has helped us reduce time-to-invoice, motivate our staff, and introduce new business development opportunities for those working in the field.”

Damian Hudson
Head of IT

SPP Pumps Final Cut


The technicians at SPP Pumps provide global customer care, but quick and correct responses to customer service requests was difficult due to their paper-based processes. This manual system of filling out paper forms and faxing them back to the office was time-consuming and resulted in many errors.

This paper system also cut off engineers from SPP Pumps’ supply chain and sales teams, greatly limiting communication. This led to technicians showing up to sites without the correct parts and leaving without tipping off the sales teams to potential opportunities.


SPP Pumps decided to integrate ServiceMax with their ERP system from SAP. “The good news was that with ServiceMax, we didn’t need a lot of development time,” Hudson says. “We got the integration working within a week.”

Now, scheduling appointments and managing work orders can be seen by anyone with ServiceMax access. Field engineers now see inventory of over 120,000 items and can order accordingly, which is then tied back to engineers’ work orders for a full view of customers’ product and service purchases.


With one spot for all customer engagement, the field service team and back office administration have a better understanding of their clients. Employees can answer customer questions right away, which has increased client satisfaction.

Customers are also happy with the speed of invoice delivery. SPP Pumps now provides invoices to customers in just one day – an increase of 97%. This has led to a healthy cash flow for the entire business.

“With a more modern system, we can be more responsive to customers,” says Hudson. “And that means we can drive more opportunities for the rest of the business in terms of selling service contracts and more products.”