ServiceMax Asset Service Management optimizes the execution of operations and maintenance by enabling your service teams to increase productivity and asset uptime while reducing safety and compliance incidents. Companies operating their own assets in their own facilities run a full gamut of service activities, from one-off reactive maintenance, to multi-month plant overhauls involving crews operating around the clock. ServiceMax helps execute jobs of any complexity with best in class service execution software.

Schedule and Deploy

Take advantage of powerful capabilities for planning and scheduling work. Planners and schedulers can now improve technician utilization and service efficiency with real-time location and work order data displayed on their personalized dashboards.

Service Board empowers planners and schedulers to get all the information they need, zoom-in on relevant data, and make business decisions with confidence. Its capabilities include intelligent resource recommendations, powerful contextual search, tracking technician locations, personalized job and resource views, real-time job notifications, and automatic recurring events scheduling.

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Complex Jobs Planning

Complex jobs and 24x7 operations require competent planning. ServiceMax ASM helps optimize scheduling of complex jobs with shift planning, crew management, and maintenance planning capabilities. Planners and schedulers gain accurate information about technician availability so they can deploy personnel and third-party contractors efficiently for projects.

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Mobile Technician Enablement

Your operations and maintenance technicians are always on the go; don’t slow them down with old technology. With ServiceMax, technicians see an average 23% improvement in productivity—almost an entire extra day in their weekly schedules without additional overtime. Unlike other apps, ServiceMax not only provides information about any work order, location, routing, and assets to be serviced, but is highly configurable and extensible, enabling seamless access to IoT diagnostics, collaboration, asset database, checklists, knowledge base, parts search, and more.

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Work Order Management

With ServiceMax Work Order Management you can be confident that your service teams execute work efficiently and safely. Your technicians can execute all their work with the help of the mobile application including instantly viewing work orders, parts planning, data collection, work order debrief, and signature capture. Your technicians will appreciate having the full service flow process instantly available, and managers will appreciate having full visibility into work order execution as well as fulfilling internal SLAs and safety requirements.

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Asset Database

Asset Database, also called Installed Base, ensures you have real-time and accurate information about your assets throughout their lifecycle. While servicing assets, your technicians can access information about the asset’s maintenance history, product configuration, exact location, and other critical data to improve their service execution. They can update asset notes, capture and share configuration photos and videos, email service reports, and more.

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Preventive Maintenance

With ServiceMax ASM, you get the best in preventive maintenance management, from automated work order creation with set schedules featuring different frequencies of inspections and maintenance tasks to automatically adjusted maintenance intervals for work order creation, to full condition-based plans that allow you to right-size your operations and maintenance work and continually transform toward a proactive maintenance strategy.

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IoT and Predictive Maintenance

Industrial IoT has transformed the way companies operate by delivering real-time asset data for better decision-making. By feeding asset performance and configuration data into a robust service execution engine, maintenance and reliability teams can get to issues before they turn into failures, thereby avoiding costly unplanned downtime.

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Parts and Returns Management

ServiceMax ASM ensures you have parts visibility across locations and at depots. However you deliver maintenance, ServiceMax keeps service logistics efficient so you can keep your operations streamlined. In fact, the average ServiceMax customer decreases mean time to repair by 13%.

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Metrics, Reporting, and Dashboards

ServiceMax ASM not only helps you control your maintenance costs. From technician utilization to first-time fix rates and all the metrics that affect your asset service, ServiceMax delivers your KPIs accurately. In fact, the average ServiceMax customer reports decreases in service costs by 14%.

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ServiceMax Asset Service Management

Serviceausführung für Anlagenbetreiber. ServiceMax ASM optimiert die Durchführung sämtlicher Aktivitäten in Betrie und Instandhaltung. Ihr Serviceteam erhält das notwendige Rüstzeug, um die Produktivität und Verfügbarkeit der Anlagen zu steigern und gleichzeitig das Risiko von Sicherheits- und Compliance-Vorfällen zu verringern.

Optimizing Service Delivery For Asset Operators

Whether you are in the business of running a power plant, developing an oil field or operating a fleet of aircraft, mission critical assets need timely maintenance to ensure consistent uptime. Asset failures can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, reduced durability, and increased safety and compliance risks. By transforming service delivery from manual processes to digital service execution, companies provide smarter maintenance while also optimizing resource utilization and improving safety and compliance indicators.

IDC Report: Bridging the Service Excellence Gap for Asset-Oriented Manufacturers: Complexity, Cost, and Intelligence

The role of service is changing rapidly among asset-oriented manufacturers. Digital transformation is enabling operators to have the insights necessary to predictively solve problems before assets fail.

Service Transformation for Oil, Gas and Chemical Facility Operators

In this webinar recording, learn how ServiceMax can be used specifically in Oil, Gas and Chemical Facility operations such as refining, gas processing, petrochemical and more. Phil Schwarz, Oil & Gas Product Marketing Director at ServiceMax, discusses the role of a field service management platform within the context of Digital Transformation and how it can impact your business and operations immediately and into the future.

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