Optimized resource allocation for best results

Technician Productivity
Service Costs

ServiceMax ensures you send the right people to the right job at the right time, with remarkable results from our service scheduling software. The average ServiceMax customer increases technician productivity by 23%* and reduces service costs by 14%*.

*Average ServiceMax customer results

More efficient planning for complex jobs

Overhauls, upgrades, and installations are often complex jobs that require multiple resources working in shifts over weeks on highly complex assets . Complex jobs require competent planning. ASM helps planners and dispatchers ensure they assign the right resources to jobs, balancing worker utilization, overtime costs, and maintenance priorities.

Crews Management

Servicing complex assets requires a crew with diverse skills. With Crew Management, dispatchers can now define a leader and a crew composition with a simple drag-and-drop. Then, instantly schedule pre-defined crews for future jobs. Real-time map and GANTT views allow dispatchers to schedule resources—such as employees, contractors, tools, and parts—more effectively .

Shift Planning

Many complex jobs require a 24x7 service operation. To support complex service operations, ASM offers pre-built shift templates with the ability to schedule technicians based on their shift assignment. The templates are robust enough to fit most asset-heavy industry needs, and flexible enough to allow you to adjust for seasonality, holidays and PTOs, and more. With real-time updates, ServiceMax helps dispatchers manage technicians’ schedules in a more predictable manner, even in an around-the-clock service operation.

Servicing complex assets

Whether you are planning plant overhaul or preventive maintenance, ServiceMax has the right tools to help you allocate people, parts, equipment, and tools with maximum efficiency.


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