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Engineering, Meet Service

Engineering needs to bring service into the discussion when designing, changing, or updating products.

The more these teams collaborate, the more effective engineering can become in:

  • Bringing new products to market
  • Managing complex change
  • Improving quality and reliability

Service, Let’s Talk with Engineering

Service needs to dedicate time and resources to support the partnership with engineering.

When service collaborates with engineering the benefits are immense primarily in:

  • Enhanced parts planning
  • More efficient service resolution
  • Improved asset availability and readiness for customers

Results from Service + Engineering Transformation

By connecting product engineering, service engineering & service operations with powerful data, our best customers are:

  • Delivering high performing assets
  • Improving growth and profitability
  • Committing to sustainability
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65% of G2000 OEMs will mine service interactions and work order data in real time to inform product development decisions and achieve quality targets by 2026*

*Source: IDC Market Analysis Perspective WW Aftermarket Services Strategies Applications, September 2023

Keynote Video: New Vision for Service Lifecycle Management

"We are the only company that is actively bringing these critical technologies together."
–Neil Barua

Neil outlines this vision for how companies deliver best-in-class service and offered insight into how he sees PTC's role evolve in the future of service deliver

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Discover Service’s Critical Role in the Digital Thread with ServiceMax + Windchill

In today's interconnected world of manufacturing and service, the digital thread emerges as a vital concept. It represents the seamless flow of data that defines a product from design through manufacturing, service, and retirement, ensuring stakeholders access accurate, up-to-date, contextualized product and asset data throughout its lifecycle. Wednesday Aug 21, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EDT Register Now

Back to the Future: Should Service Execution begin with the handover from Engineering?

I had the privilege to present to the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) of the University of Sheffield. Their website is packed with tags like “tomorrow done better”, “shaping the future of manufacturing”, and “world-leading technology experts”. What better place to discuss the topic of Design-for-Service with an audience immersed in Design-for-Manufacturability (DFM)? Allow me to share a back-to-the-future story.

Why Your Service Data is Worth 80 IQ Points

It goes without saying that gen AI will dominate strategic conversations this year, as organizations look to take advantage of last year’s breakthrough technology. As Capgemini suggests in its Top 5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2024 report, gen AI will live up to the hype, especially with the development of smaller, more targeted, cost-efficient Large Language Models.

Design for Service – Engineering Better Products Using the Digital Thread

In my last discussion, I wrote about the importance of the concept of a digital thread regarding complex asset manufacturers and service providers. Here, I would like to address the beginning of the digital thread: the conceptualization and design of complex products.

Digital Thread: How the Service Bill of Materials Links Engineering to Service

When we embark on a digital transformation journey in the after-sales domain, where does the process start? With the sale of the product? Commissioning of the product? First service call? We believe the foundation for the design of your service delivery processes starts in engineering.

The Importance of Service Lifecycle Data

Learn how service data is now being leveraged to drive better feedback, insights, and automation.

Analyst Report
IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Service Lifecycle Management Platforms 2023-2024 Vendor Assessment Report

Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) can be defined as the set of processes in servicing a product through its lifetime and includes customer support, service request, service planning, service execution and field service, spare parts management, service information management, warranty management, and recalls.

The Next Digital Evolution: Igniting Business Performance Through Service Lifecycle Management

Join Ron Salvador, PTC’s General Manager of Service Lifecycle Management, and Aly Pinder, Research Vice President of Aftermarket Services Strategies at IDC in their lively discussion from April 11th.

Analyst Report
Connecting Service to Engineering: CIMdata Commentary Report

Read this report to understand better how a digital thread can be leveraged to integrate engineering, production, and service operations and optimize decision-making and collaboration.

Analyst Report
Complimentary Gartner® Report: Top BOM Practices for Building Digital Threads

According to Gartner, managing bills of materials effectively is core to successful digital threads. CIO must engage with product development, manufacturing operations, procurement, service, and marketing roles to ensure that resulting digital threads will be sustainable and useful during the entire product life cycle.