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Continuing Education

Planning for on-going education needs with customer

guy-black-icon CUSTOMER
servicemax-black-icon SERVICEMAX
What's Happening (Customer)
  • Conduct user surveys and evaluations of training needs with users
  • Utilize Reports and Dashboards to gauge adoption metrics
  • Continue to review existing processes for potential improvements
  • Review ServiceMax new releases for new functionality to enhance user experience
What's Happening (ServiceMax)
  • Education team follow-up with customer to understand training & support opportunities identified
  • Share recommendations of next steps in training & support
  • Plan for next step training options for maximum adoption

Resources (Customer)
  • Project Manager
  • Administrators
  • Training Coordinator and/or Lead
Resources (ServiceMax)
  • Education Consultant
  • Project Manager

Risks (Customer)
  • Missed opportunity for support and full adoption
  • Inadequate use of the entire ServiceMax functionality as it rolls out
Risks (ServiceMax)
  • Missed opportunities for training support for refreshers, enhancements or long term training deployment strategy