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Finalize Training Content and Logistics

Final review and preparation for training execution

guy-black-icon CUSTOMER
servicemax-black-icon SERVICEMAX
What's Happening (Customer)
  • Participate in training review sessions
  • Complete provided training change log information
  • Provide final sign-off for training materials
  • Schedule, plan & communicate all training logistics
  • All leadership participate in FSAW Leadership module, if applicable to training plan

What's Happening (ServiceMax)
  • Update training materials per UAT changes
  • Conduct training review meetings
  • Obtain customer sign-off on training materials
  • Hand over role based materials to customer
  • Finalize training logistics
  • Conduct FSAW-Leadership module, if applicable in training plan
Resources (Customer)
  • Project Manager
  • Training Coordinator and/or Lead
Resources (ServiceMax)
  • Education Consultant

Risks (Customer)
  • Training will be disorganized and ineffective without proper planning and communication
  • Training materials will be incomplete for rollout
Risks (ServiceMax)
  • Incomplete and ineffective training materials
  • Unable to prepare effectively for training delivery