ServiceMax from GE Digital

Iteration reviews

Conduct transfers of knowledge for detailed customer process (end to end and role based)

guy-black-icon CUSTOMER
What's Happening
  • Refinement of roles and responsibilities, terminology and project scope
  • Participate and share knowledge of key processes
  • Core team & Leaders to review Analytics videos and complete Field Service Analytics Workshop (FSAW) pre-work
  • Core team and Leaders to participate in FSAW-Basic training;
  • Leadership/PM to review Adoption Blog Series links on Training Roadmap
  • Project Manager
  • Administrators
  • Training Coordinator and/or Lead
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Lack of specific customer processes can lead to poor adoption and end user questions
  • Lack of credible ROI and adoption without the understanding and creation of effective reporting & analytics
  • Potential education scope creep and delays
servicemax-black-icon SERVICEMAX
What's Happening
  • Participate in iteration reviews to view initial and custom solutions and hear customer's feedback and questions; Conduct Knowledge Transfers (KT) with ServiceMax Team
  • Conduct KT with customer SMEs
  • Provide the Adoption Through Analytics videos and FSAW-Basic pre-work for customer viewing
  • Conduct FSAW-Basics Training with Core Team
  • Assign review of the Adoption Blog Series links to Leadership/PM for review

  • Project PM
  • Education Consultant
  • Project Team

  • Misalignment on project scope, expectations and outcomes
  • Potential education scope creep and delays