GE Healthcare is a global medical device, medical software, and healthcare provider for life- and biosciences. Using their “healthymagination” motto, they focus on reducing costs, increasing access, and enhancing the quality of life around the world. This focus on global healthcare quality helps GE Healthcare achieve their goal of improving lives in the moments that matter, meaning keeping their products and services up and running during those pivotal life moments.


GE Healthcare


10,000+ employees

Chicago, Illinois


“Finding tools that allow us to evolve quick, transform quicker, and adjust quicker to our market are key to our future.”

Aaron Thomann
VP, Digital Field Services, Parts & Repair

Customer Story: GE Healthcare


GE Healthcare customers have a certain level of expectation. They want the company to provide more and more digital offerings, have the knowledge to understand the tools, and then be able to communicate what’s happening before the machine does. Aaron Thomann, VP of Digital--Field Services, Parts & Repair, understands that “at some point we have to move to knowing more about our customers, knowing more about the installed base and the installed products that we are dealing with, and helping that engineer make the absolute best of their time.”

GE Healthcare needed to provide an advanced level of service to their customers. Their paper-based system required manually scheduling a field engineer’s time and did not deliver the level of insight needed. Their goal was to improve the patient experience and reduce interruptions to medical care.


There were two specific reasons why GE Healthcare chose ServiceMax . The first reason was GE Healthcare values ServiceMax’s ability to seamlessly connect to the cloud. “Cloud applications are the future,” Mr. Thomann shared.

The second reason was the flexibility ServiceMax provides. GE Healthcare knew that the system would be able to grow with the company and adapt as the company evolved. “Finding tools that allow us to evolve quick, transform quicker, and adjust quicker to our market are key to our future.”

GE Healthcare uses a range of ServiceMax capabilities, from preventive maintenance, to parts management, to contract and entitlement pieces. ServiceMax provides an end-to-end solution, and the platform is adapting to their core business needs.

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Digital Transformation for Long-Term Sustainability


With the help of ServiceMax, GE Healthcare has improved field service productivity in all steps of the service delivery process: from call center processing to work order debrief. GE Healthcare increased service revenue by $10 million over three years.

This growth in productivity comes in part from a new understanding of field performance metrics. GE Healthcare now has fresh insights into different ways to do service in the 140 countries where it operates. As Aaron Thomann said, “If you haven't started investing in the digital transformation for your field service, the only question really is what are you waiting for?”