Samsa Mechanical Service has been a part of the commercial and industrial heating, ventilation, air condition, and refrigeration service contractor business for over fifty years. The organization possess the expertise to service a variety of HVAC equipment, including products from Carrier, Dectron, McQuay, and York. Samsa Mechanical offers preventative maintenance plans that use industry leading service equipment, along with customized web reporting services. Since they’re a smaller business competing with many larger HVAC companies, Samsa Mechanical prides itself on staying close to customers - a business imperative that ServiceMax helps with.


Samsa Mechanical Service


5+ employees

Appleton, Wisconsin


“With ServiceMax I don’t have to be tied down to my desk, I get to do the type of work I want to do and stay close to my customer. Automating old systems is something I enjoy. It not only helps my customer and saves them money, but I also see the benefit too with remote access and monitoring.”

Brian Samsa


Brian Samsa, owner of Samsa Mechanical, grew up with the company and worked as a technician, so he knew this company and its customers inside and out. When he took over Samsa Mechanical during a recession, he was ready to put in the effort needed to keep a HVAC business going. However, he was not prepared to spend a majority of his time in the office following up on billable hours, making sure invoices were paid, and tracking work orders. He knew he needed a smoother and more efficient way to run the office and turn technicians into cash-generating sources.


“[As a tech] you don’t need to know everything, you just need to know where to find it,” Samsa explained. This is where ServiceMax came in. “All of my competitors were still using clipboards and paper forms, I knew it was going to be harder for them to implement a mobile software solution.”

Samsa Mechanical provided their technicians with iPads, where they focused on installed base and entitlements, work order management, and advanced scheduling.


Since implementing ServiceMax, Samsa Mechanical has turned the corner on new services. There has been a boost in productivity and revenue, which has allowed the company to start a new HVAC building automation service line, even with the same number of employees.

They have also seen a 20% increase in billable hours. Technicians have been more productive and efficient with their time, and it’s making a difference in the company. Now, Samsa is able to get back to the work he enjoys as a tech, and he doesn’t have to sacrifice time at home for time spent behind a desk.