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très satisfait du produit et du service clientèle

Écrit par Jack Mori le 6 décembre 2013

Nous utilisons ServiceMax depuis février 2010 et sommes très satisfaits du produit et du service clientèle. La fonctionnalité que j'apprécie le plus et dont je parle à tout le monde est la facilité et la rapidité avec lesquelles le produit me permet d'extraire des données de service clientèle. J'ai créé environ 5 rapports types, que je peux rapidement modifier, et qui me donnent en quelques minutes les antécédents d'un technicien, d'une pièce détachée particulière, ou d'un client. C'est la raison pour laquelle nous avons sélectionné le produit et qu'il a dépassé nos attentes. Dave Yarnold, et notre responsable commercial à ServiceMax, Ken Gerome, nous ont vraiment soutenus tout au long du processus d'implémentation. 

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Indispensable pour tout A must have for any organization serious about their service.

Written by Karen Bowman on December 04, 2013

Our organization searched and researched service software for a year before choosing ServiceMax and we have not been disappointed. We use third party subcontractors to support our hardware base but also have very tight SLA requirements. I love the flexibility that allows us to customize for each unique client and gives us the ability to meet the SLA targets and provide accurate detailed reporting on these metrics. We have been using for 3 years now and I am glad to report that we still love it and Customer Service is great. Questions are answered quickly and accurately with specifics provided in order to solve your problem.

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A must have tool for Field Service Departments

Written by Steve Nava on November 24, 2013

For so long Field Service has been taken for granted in most organizations regardless of sector. In addition to helping FS departments deliver a high quality service product, true built for FS applications like Servicemax makes the valuable but often overlooked contributions of FSE’s visible to senior management. We no longer toil in obscurity.

It gives me great satisfaction to know by using Servicemax I have improved on the quality of service Luminex delivers to my customers, and my FSE’s are now recognized for their dedication to our customers and ultimately our bottom line.

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Working with technology

Written by Stephen Seib on March 13th, 2013

It's good to have a product suite that encompasses the work flow and information we need to complete our tasks. Being a strong customer focused business we needed to change from our previous cumbersome CRM and now use ServiceMax.

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Our first year has gone great!

Written by Ron Carr on Sept. 26th, 2012

We have been using ServiceMax for over a year now. ServiceMax customer support has been very responsive to our needs and has helped us to create a platform that we can use to track our parts inventory and serve our customers better. As our company grows (we will double our size in the next 3-4 years!) we know ServiceMax will grow with us! From what we have heard the updates that are coming will be perfect for giving us added flexibility. I can't wait to see where the future takes us! The sky is the limit at this point!

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Great Product

Written by Brian Samsa on Jun. 18th, 2012

ServiceMax Orange has been an amazing product for my small business. After 3 weeks of training we were able to deploy it company wide. The program is completely customizable to match my companies/customers exact needs. The support that ServiceMax provides is also amazing, they respond fast and will walk you through whatever you need step by step. Strongly recommend to anyone in the service business that is looking to streamline their business and get a leg up on the competition.

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Brilliant company to work with - Wherever you are!

Written Lisa Hough on Oct. 21st, 2011

I am currently implementing ServiceMax for the company I work for. Being based in the UK we were wary of dealing with a company so far away but the quality of the product eventually convinced us to give it a go. I'm so glad we did, the staff at ServiceMax are really helpful, constantly in contact and completely in control of the implementation. There is never an issue getting hold of them - The fact that they are based in the USA has had no impact whatsoever on the project. I would without a shadow of a doubt recommend working with the ServiceMax team, they are great to work with and the actual product is excellent.

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Just Had a Great ServiceMax Implementation

Written by Kyle23 on Apr. 12th, 2011

We just implemented ServiceMax, finished training, and now we are using it. It has really proved to be a benefit to us. We were about to do a custom enhancement of Salesforce and we are so glad we decided to use the ServiceMax package instead. Although the product is great, what really has helped up is to just have a structure to modify from. We would have had to spend a year in internal meetings deciding what we wanted, rather than starting with the well thought out ServiceMax approach.

Another thing I can highly recommend is the ServiceMax professional service group. They were completely competent and a huge value over trying to do the implementation our selves or with independent consultants. Best of all, they were fun to work with and no matter how many surprises came up during the implementation, they had professional approach the problem and often handled our request during the meeting we were discussing the problem. I know my company really appreciates the great work by ServiceMax. If you need more information, I am a reference for ServiceMax but would rather not give out my email to avoid spam.

Kyle23 - Service Director at a fast growing Silicon Valley instrument company

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