ServiceMax has taken aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul to a totally new level of productivity, safety and compliance with agnostic software for Field Service Management

Built-on the highly regarded and award winning ServiceMax solution, it is designed to optimize the maintenance, repair and overhaul technician activities as they connect with facilities, assets and customers.

ServiceMax for Aircraft Maintenance also follows the regulatory guidance for a risk based continuous analysis and surveillance system to manage technician, mechanic and worker safety risks, and implement corrective actions that mitigate the risk.

With ServiceMax you’ll have actionable insights to: Set Priorities for Reactive Repair; Make Choices, Plan Audits, Analyze Data, Implement Corrective Actions for Preventive and Condition Based Repair and Forecast Failures for Predictive Repair.

Increase efficiency, recover capacity and mitigate safety risks

Increase in Technician Productivity
Reduction in Safety Incidents
Increase in Asset Uptime

Aircraft Maintenance is trending with a goal to realize the highest utilization of things and people as possible. What gets measured is usually what gets managed.

Watch this Webinar to learn about digital bolt-on tools to help the Aircraft MRO operation recover lost capacity, reduce cost and errors, mitigate the maintenance organization safety risks and improve compliance.

ServiceMax For Aircraft Maintenance
ServiceMax for Aircraft Maintenance
ServiceMax for Aircraft Maintenance
Field Service Management Demo: Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Maintenance Demo

GE Aviation On Wing Support Reduced Errors, Maximized Productivity and Lowered Costs Globally With ServiceMax

"Reduced errors and increased productivity are paying off for GE Aviation On Wing Support. The business saw excellent service outcomes after using ServiceMax. In the first year, they exceeded On Wing Support service revenue goals by 130%."

"The customer experience is the most important priority. We need data to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, but we don’t want the techs to focus on that, their minds need to be on repairing the engine.

We are focused on innovative ways to streamline processes and gather data without pulling away the technicians attention and time. That’s where ServiceMax comes in."

–Christine Duborg, Technical Project Manager for GE Aviation

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Mission 1

Streamlining Communication without Compromising Security

Jet AirWerks works with OEM's in repair development efforts as well as overhauls engine components for distribution companies, engine overhaul shops, and airline operators. Jet AirWerks offers customers superior service in aircraft maintenance, manufacturing, repair and overhaul of components, aircraft parts and chose ServiceMax for secure enterprise collaboration.

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Here’s What ServiceMax does for the MRO:

1 Reactive

  • Maintenance Crew Scheduling
  • Maintenance Crew Dispatch
  • Maintenance Crew Project Management
  • Powerful dispatch console
  • Mobile checklist
  • Powerful remote Mobile solution with off-line functionality
  • Configurable Service Flow Manager
  • Work Order Debrief
  • Dependent Job Scheduling
  • Offline App-to-App Collaboration
  • Configurable KPI dashboard
  • Installed Base Management
  • Field Connected Products
  • Predicted Time to Service
  • ERP Integration
  • Drag and Drop UI

2 Preventive

  • Maintenance crew optimization
  • Optimization software
  • Process machine data learning
  • Asset usage
  • Multi-dimension contract pricing
  • Track profitability
  • Labor, Parts, Expenses applied to product data
  • Time-based SLA's tracked for contract compliance
  • Offline Access to specific maintenance information
  • Customization of service flow
  • Link fault data to specific maintenance actions
  • Configure Service Flow Once - Deploy anywhere

3 Condition-Based

  • Monitor corrective actions for compliance
  • Maintain technician skills certification and locations
  • Track service histories as maintained products & parts
  • Manage job processes for compliance and audits
  • Track key service indicators
  • Maintain service offerings, term & levels
  • Real time diagnostic data
  • Local work flow caching for remote performance
  • Upload Videos/Photos to Mobile Checklists

4 Predictive

  • Enable outcome-based business models from IIoT devices
  • Monitor and model asset conditions
  • Manage alerts for predictive service
  • Configure service delivery process on-demand
  • Manage multiple devices and platforms
  • AutoFill forms from assets
  • Collect data from asset and initiate service request
  • IIoT infrastructure connects devices and gathers information
  • Asset Performance Management that applies the predictive analytics
  • Service delivery software based on actionable insights from connected devices.

Here’s how ServiceMax works:


ServiceMax for Aircraft Maintenance optimizes the execution of operations and maintenance by enabling the MRO provider to increase productivity and on-time performance while mitigating safety risks and compliance incidents

Optimize execution of operations and maintenance

  • Intuitive dispatch and scheduling for high-complexity work requiring multiple resources and days on a project
  • Leverage asset data and analytics for predictive maintenance
  • Built-in workflow processes and forms to improve safety and compliance for mobile workers

Crew scheduling

Service Board

  • Easily schedule crews, personnel, and contractorswith drag and drop
  • Quickly build crews based onproject needs, timeline, worker certifications, locations
  • Respects work hours, holidaysand other dependencies
  • Personalize dispatch consoleviews for resources and jobs
  • View job lifecycle status

Crew management

Allocate resources with simple drag and drop

  • Assign crew leaders
  • Quickly assemble crews based on skills required
  • Allocate tools and equipment to crews
  • Real time Map Visualizations

    View and schedule resources based on location

    • Real-time location information on workers, technicians and crews
    • Display jobs and resources information on one screen
    • Toggle display of specific service teams
    • Overlay with satellite views for intuitive resource and work allocation

    Assisted Dispatch

    Optimized dispatch of resources, including technicians, tools, and contractors

    • Ranked resource recommendations
    • Drive time estimates
    • Job duration estimates
    • Ranked appointment booking
    • Recurring events

    Shift Planning

    Create and update shifts with ease

    • Choose from a library of pre-defined shift templates
    • Create your own shifts
    • Respect holiday, time off, seasonality
    • Assign technicians to multiple shifts on different dates

    Planning & Production


    • Confirm aircraft location
    • Review historical information
    • Create job estimates
    • View repetitive problems
    • Order parts
    • Locate Aircraft

    Process & Flow

    Configure your process flow once and deploy anywhere online or offline with no coding required

    View & update records on the go and quickly track, view attributes and capture configurations, location, and machine data.

    Productivity and Efficiency

    On Time Performance

    • On-time compliant performance
    • Access to Time of work completion
    • Digital sign-off & Return to Service
    • Service history
    • Parts inventory
    • Dynamic checklist
    • Technician collaboration tools

    Real-time Mobile Flexibility

    Mobile Work and Notifications

    Consumer-style mobile experience
    • Agenda view with all appointments for the day
    • Map view with job locations
    • Real-time notifications for work assignments and cancellations

    Streamline maintenance planning & scheduling

    Preventive Maintenance Plans

    • Create and tailor plans for automatic maintenance
    • Deploy reusable task and parts lists across PM plans
    • Create plans by location or asset
    • Automate work order and case creation
    • Auto-assign work to technicians or crews

    Configurable Dashboards


    • Service audit trail
    • Technician utilization
    • Configurable
    • KPI Dashboards
    • Time-series analysis
    • Drill-downs
    • Service report
    • Maintenance/fix delivered
    • Parts used

    Asset Management

    View & update records on the go

    Asset Database

    • Quickly see location, hierarchy, attributes
    • Scan barcode to add SKUs
    • Save documents and photos
    • Access the knowledgebase
    • View IoT data
    • Works on- and offline

    Return to Service

    Mobile Checklists

    • Minimize risk by recording compliance data
    • Complete return to service check
    • Enforce consistent service flow
    • Used for inspections, surveys, and data collection

    Job Debrief

    Activity Debrief

    • Time of work completion
    • Digital sign-off
    • Data collection
    • Worker performance
    • Service history
    • Parts inventory integration
    • Job tickets (for contractors)

    Digital Transformation

    Transfprmation 4.0

    Field Born, Field Tested

    • Unrivaled expertize and passion
    • Customer Success Team
    • Business Value Realization
    • ServiceMax Customer Community
    • User Group and CSO Summit
    • Field Service University
    • Technology Marketplace
    • Professional services, support, training
    • Comprehensive solution

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