Field Service Management for MAX productivity, safety and On-Time Performance

Each year has become a precipice for airports to change before they are forced to. Airports are reassessing air-side and the land-side ecosystem with their contractors, so they can recapture lost capacity. The airport ecosystem now embodies the requirements for actionable data insights originating from the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, robots, and real-time mobile communications

ServiceMax is the airports Field Service Management platform to realize actionable insights from data for the highest utilization of things and people as possible. The service execution platform has key technology enablers that makes ServiceMax an industry leading enterprise grade platform to help the airport service provider “set priorities, make choices, plan regulatory audits, analyze data, select and implement corrective actions”. ServiceMax Execution Management also provides landside and airside actionable insights for contract management amongst the airport authority, contractors, airlines and franchisees.

We keep the world running

Increase in Technician Productivity
Reduction in Safety Incidents
Increase in Asset Uptime

Airports are becoming smarter and more efficient with innovation that mitigates disruption and automation to realize the best possible experience throughout the passenger journey.

Airport automation and innovation will dramatically influence the passenger experience. High expectations from the passenger will include: zero disruption, a seamless path to a positive boarding experience and a personal experience that allows the passenger to create their own content, share experiences (good and bad) instantly, and be experiential not experimental.

Solving the “no disruption” problem will mean getting the right technician (or worker) to the right location, to service the right equipment, with the right parts at the right time.

The ServiceMax Execution Management platform will create the actionable insights for each stakeholder in the airport service value chain (authority, airline, contractor and franchisee).

ServiceMax Asset Service Management
ServiceMax Asset Service Management

Transforming data into Service Execution

Field Service Management

“Field Service Management is not an afterthought or add-on. Our customers use ServiceMax to execute service with actionable insights on the most complex equipment for airports and aircraft maintenance”.


Field Service Management for Airports

Installed Base Management

System of record for 'as-maintained' equipment

  • Visibility into configurations, locations, and real-time machine data
  • Maintain accurate data when offline
  • Necessary equipment data for compliance 
  • Analyze for actionable business insights
  • Provide feedback to product development

Work Order Management

  • View work order documents on mobile
  • Integrated SLA clock to track customer service levels
  • Intuitive service execution checklists and forms
  • Service reports with customer signatures for pro-forma invoice


Service Board gets the right technicians to the right job on time

  • Technician availability, product accessibility, work hours, skills
  • Assisted Dispatch leveraging data analytics for decision making
  • Real-time visibility of all resources

Schedule Optimization

Optimization for:

  • Skills
  • Availability
  • Routes
  • Constraints
  • Business objectives
  • Resources recommendation

Mobile Experience

ServiceMax App

Secure Real-time Communication

Improve workforce effectiveness & customer experience

    All modes of communication

  • 1:1 and group messaging, voice, video, and content sharing, push-to-talk, and top-down broadcasts
  • Secure and compliant

  • Replace rogue consumer app usage
  • Communication insights

  • Drive visibility, performance, staffing needs


Never give service away for free

  • Mobile entitlements & contract-based pricing
  • Manage service contract lifecycle
  • Service quotes and estimates
  • Support for metered services
  • Automatic pro-forma invoice creation

Proactive Maintenance

Smart plans to deliver the right service at the right time

  • Create and tailor plans for automatic maintenance
  • Deploy reusable task and parts lists across Preventive Maintenance plans
  • Create plans by location or asset
  • Automate work order and case creation
  • Auto-assign work to technicians or crews

Parts Management

Reduce inventory cost

  • Parts inventory with trunk stock management
  • Locate, transfer, and consume parts on the go
  • RMA support
  • Auto-replenishment of stock
  • Accurate reports for inventory planning and audits

Complex Jobs

Working with crews, shifts, and dependencies

  • Quickly assemble and save crews
  • Schedule multi-visit work as a single job
  • Assign crews and technicians to shifts
  • Choose from 30+ pre-build shift industry templates
  • Deliver real-time notifications for crews and dispatchers

Service Flow Engine

Workflow engine ensures consistent service execution

  • Configure once then deploy anywhere
  • Online/offline functionality
  • Agile re-configuration
  • Technicians follow prescribed steps
  • Mobile data gathering

Mobile & Sync Engine

Consumer-grade mobile experience boosts technician productivity

  • Consumer-grade mobile experience boosts technician productivity
  • Smart Sync for extended offline use
  • Designed for service execution
  • Consistent business processes
  • Device-appropriate functionality
  • Configure, not code

Entitlements Engine

Fully automated engine guarantees contract and warranty data accuracy

  • Validation for warranties and contracts
  • Price quotes
  • Handling of complex entitlements hierarchy
  • Built into business processes
  • Available to service engineers online or offline

AI & ML Engine

Taking advantage of AI to improve decision-making throughout service delivery

  • Remote triage
  • Predicted time to service
  • Predicted parts
  • Chatbots

Dashboards & KPIs

The metrics to measure and grow your service business

  • 90+ pre-built reports and dashboards
  • Configurable metrics, dashboards, and reports
  • Service audit trail
  • Pre-build service performance metrics
  • Communication insights

ServiceMax Professional Services

Proven path to success

Service results with less risk & faster return

  • Service domain expertise
  • Guided, modular deployment
  • Best practice templated approach
  • Business outcomes focus and metrics driven
  • Proven accelerators

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