Manage Costs through Worker Efficiency

Track Assets

Track the location of equipment, including loan outs to other field offices. Manage as-serviced asset information in real time, including location, customer, related work, and related components. Easily access installed base data in the field.

Manage Resources

Assign the right field engineer to the right equipment at the right time. Use dispatch recommendations based on certifications, skills, and other factors. Manage workers and crews with intuitive, drag-and-drop modules.

Optimize Parts and Tooling

Ensure all tools and equipment are maintained prior to dispatch. Check availability and make requests as needed. Track status and set up auto-replenish of inventory.

Schedule and Deploy

Use digital tools to do more with less.

Zinc Overview Admin Integration

Manage parts with mobile to complete your complex work.

Drive Revenue and Cash with Work Execution

Maintain Equipment

Track routine maintenance of rig and pressure equipment. Take work from initiation to completion with a highly configurable business process flow. Set up routine work with preventative maintenance functionality. Trigger condition-based maintenance based on preset levels.

Reduce Quote and Invoice Cycle Time

Quote and invoice/bill customer quickly and accurately. Complete invoices with a user friendly process. Capture digital signatures onsite.

Execute Parts Returns

Perform depot repair/RMAs with visibility and accurate information. Track part, repair work, and return seamlessly from end to end. Execute RMA/depot repair process from removal to repair to reinstall

Perform Work Safely

Guide Workers with Checklists

Use dynamic checklists to execute critical safety steps. Create guided workflows for key safety processes. Easily modify as protocols change. Apply dynamic branching to streamline checklists.

Create Clear Audit Trails

Ensure data capture in the right format for the right stakeholders. Create and communicate complex forms and reports for customers. Customize for regulatory bodies.

Minimize Onsite Worker Requirements

Assess equipment remotely through industrial IoT and analytics. Execute connected field service using established APIs with leading IoT vendors. Leverage partners to perform remote triage.

Zinc Overview Admin Integration

Ensure safety steps are followed and captured.

The Latest Resources for Oil & Gas Segments

ServiceMax for Oilfield Services


No matter the oilfield service: seismic, drilling, oilfield fluids, reservoir evaluation, stimulation, completions, or well intervention, ServiceMax is designed to optimize oilfield service operations. ServiceMax can help you deliver flawless oilfield service delivery and transform your service organization.

ServiceMax for Inspection and Testing Services


Whether it’s machinery safety, measuring devices, lifting equipment, pressure equipment, fire safety equipment, mechanical welds, or electrical installations: no matter the assets being inspected, ServiceMax can help deliver flawless inspections and transform your service organization.

ServiceMax Asset Service Management for Production Operators


The term ‘digital oilfield’ is used to describe the vision of real-time asset management for optimal oil and gas production and field management. Many oil and gas operating companies, large and small, have taken the steps to instrument and automate wellsites for remote monitoring and control. This has enabled them to analyze and visualize field production data to make decisions that optimize well and fieldwide performance. While these steps are necessary, they are not enough to completely realize the vision of a truly digital oilfield. The remaining steps include incorporating the ability to respond to events in real-time that require human intervention. Such examples may include responding to an unexpected drop in production, a spill risk, an erratic tubing or casing pressure measurement reading, hydrate buildup, or a poorly functioning regulator on a new well just placed into production.

ServiceMax Asset Service Management


Service execution for asset-heavy operators. Whether you are running a power plant, developing an oilfield, or servicing an aircraft, your critical assets need timely maintenance to ensure consistent uptime. ServiceMax Asset Service Management (ASM) delivers a modern service execution experience built for today’s teams. To get the most out of your assets, it is important to get the most out of the people who operate and maintain them.


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