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How does flawless oilfield service affect your business?

Field Engineer Productivity
Safety Incidents

ServiceMax helps oilfield service companies execute fast, effective, and safe field service. Our cloud-based platform is built for a mobile and inherently remote workforce. ServiceMax manages preventative maintenance, scheduling, work orders, field tickets, and contracts for a seamless operation with zero non-productive time. The average ServiceMax customer increases field engineer productivity by 19%* and decreases safety incidents by 12%*.

*Average ServiceMax customer results, based on a survey conducted in 2018.


ServiceMax - Field Born, Field Tested
ServiceMax - Field Born, Field Tested

Solutions to Automate Preventive Maintenance on Tools & Equipment

ServiceMax InstalledBase App

Track Preventative Maintenance on Everything

Easily track the regular maintenance of rig equipment, downhole tools, trucks, cranes, and pressure equipment. ServiceMax makes it easy for field engineers, instrument technicians, and mechanics to update preventive  maintenance information to ensure each piece of equipment is ready for a flawless operation with zero non-productive time.

Solutions to Optimize Oilfield Services


Schedule the right field engineer and equipment for the right job

Digitally capture service requests and instantly view and dispatch your field engineers based on their skillset, qualifications, certifications, availability, history or other pre-set conditions, so you can effortlessly schedule the right person for the job. Transfer and track equipment between field locations to increase utilization.

Solutions to Improve Safety & Compliance

Electronically capture safety forms and checklists

Ensuring your people and assets meet the required HSE performance and quality standards is integral to each oilfield service. ServiceMax can electronically complete and store HAZMAT and other transport forms. Checklists helps your field engineers and technicians thoroughly complete each critical step in the service delivery process. Checklists also ensure all the correct data is captured and audit trail is maintained for all oilfield service activities.

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