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Gartner® Report:
Quick Answer

The Difference Between EAM and FSM

About the Report

A common point of confusion for manufacturing CIOs is “why do I need both an Enterprise Asset Management solution and a Field Service Management solution? Don’t both do the same thing?” While both types of systems help deliver the service to an asset to keep it up and running, the big question is who owns those assets – you or your customer?

Hear from Gartner what the similarities and differences are between EAM and FSM. This becomes especially important if you are considering an Equipment as a Service business model (EaaS).

According to Gartner, “The differences between the two sets of technologies are important, because most manufacturers will need both. As an exception, FSM is sometimes used in owned asset maintenance (traditionally, the responsibility of EAMs), particularly when there’s a heavy emphasis on automated schedule optimization and remote locations to visit. Generally, OEMs as manufacturers will need EAM for their internal assets and FSM for their customers’ assets.”1 Read the report to learn more.

1Source: Gartner, Quick Answer: The Difference Between Enterprise Asset Management and Field Service Management, Kristian Steenstrup, Nicole Faust, Jim Robinson, 22 November 2021

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