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Thru Tubing Solutions Recaptures 99% of Lost Revenue with FieldFX

Improving Quote-to-Cash Process

With 23 different districts, in four different countries, no matter how high-powered their Excel spreadsheet was, Thru Tubing Solutions still couldn’t standardize the forms they used across their diversified holding company. In addition, they were experiencing issues with data integrity, validation, and entry. This resulted in great revenue leakage.

Thru Tubing solutions knew they had to streamline and consolidate their systems and internal processes. They chose a comprehensive field service solution, delivered by FieldFX. FieldFX addressed the challenges, and ultimately improve their quote-to-cash process.

Read this case study to learn how FieldFX helped Thru Tubing Solutions:

  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Streamline timelines
  • Improve the quote-to-cash process