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Asset + Customer-Centricity: The Keys to Digital Success


Key Takeaways

Digital transformations, a central focus for organizations over the last decade, were accelerated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, research indicates that less than one-third of digital transformations have been successful or have reached their goals. The primary reasons for this are that most digital investments have been siloed in nature and have lacked the backing of front-line employees who have had to experience the greatest amount of change. Yet, there exists a different approach to digital success, one that relies on a common data platform that brings asset insight and customer context to the forefront. Join this webinar to discover how to better align workforce ambitions and target digital technologies to support improved outcomes for the business and customers.


Tim Long headshot

Tim Long

Director of Field Service Solution Engineers at Salesforce
Sumair Dutta headshot

Sumair Dutta

Senior Director Product Marketing – Customer and Market Insights at ServiceMax
Stephen Lortscher headshot

Stephen Lortscher

Lead Solution Engineer at ServiceMax