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Ensuring The Best Crew For Every Job

Schedule & Dispatch to the Next Level

Key Takeaways

Long gone are the days of whiteboard scheduling, sending out technicians that were simply the closest or even just available. FieldFX and Kahuna are taking the schedule and dispatch process to the next level, digitally transforming the process to ensure the right team, with the proper certifications and training is dispatched to your customer for every job. 

Learn how layering Kahuna’s unique skills management platform onto FieldFX’s dynamic FX Schedule & Dispatch module will enable you to:

  • Manage technicians’ skill level by leveraging data collected on field tickets to track on-the-job training hours and performance when scheduling crews/equipment onto jobs
  • Bridge the gap between competency requirements and technician availability to ensure compliance on every job
  • Enhance utilization of team members through strategic analytics, empowering management to make operational and talent decisions on a shift by shift, job by job basis