Parts Planning

ServiceMax Parts Planning from Baxter Planning helps complex enterprises balance parts availability and inventory costs by identifying the optimal levels of service parts. Bringing together industry leaders in service parts planning and field service management software, the joint solution forecasts parts demand and recommends target inventory levels. This enables planners to stock the optimal quantity of parts, and ensures that field technicians arrive at jobs with the right parts.

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Total Cost Optimization for all of your Inventory Echelon
Unique cost-optimization algorithms stock parts at the level justified by a total cost approach that considers inventory, productivity, and transportation mode. These algorithms understand the costs associated with not stocking a part, and consider technician stocking when determining optimal stock levels at regional distribution centers and local forward stocking locations.
Technician Teams and Territories
Planning logic understands technician and installed base team/territory assignments. Algorithms recognize that multiple technicians may be candidates to service a specific customer or asset in the future, even if a specific technician has not recently serviced that customer or asset.
Technician Training and Proficiency
When planning technician inventory, the solution considers each technician’s training and proficiency with respect to an individual asset, and assesses the likelihood that he or she will take a specific service call.
Inventory Plan Stability
Applies multiple factors to maintain plan stability when the cost of change exceeds the projected benefit of change. This limits plan instability, avoiding excess movements and loss of technician confidence in the planning solution.
Planning Analytics
Specialized analytics determine root causes of equiupment downtime (or “broken service”) due to parts availability, allowing planners to address execution and data quality issues to continuously improve service levels.
Unified Service Parts Planning Experience
IT integration efforts and poor data quality are among the major impediments to deploying a planning solution. The integration of ServiceMax and Baxter Planning avoids these issues to ensure maximum ROI.


  • Improved service parts availability
  • Optimized service parts inventory
  • Fewer expedited parts requests