Document Generation

Nintex Document Generation (formerly Drawloop) extends and enhances the ServiceMax value proposition by consolidating and standardizing a company’s document process entirely in ServiceMax. Our document generation solution addresses the needs of organizations with complex document and data requirements and works with their specific workflows, business rules and sales process requirements.

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Features and Benefits

Improve data compliance and accuracy
Dynamically pull any custom and standard object data to populate documents and push updates directly back into ServiceMax. Leverage existing Excel spreadsheets and formulas to perform calculations and write result back into ServiceMax to update or create new fields in real time.
Simplify complex document creation
Dynamically pull relevant data, merge or generate multiple documents in a few clicks. Create custom business processes and document business logic to drive data through automated workflows, tailored processes, and finally into documents and high-quality customer communications.
Component Library
Component Library allows users to save time managing multiple document templates using simple text blocks that can be customized, filtered, and formatted based on specific requirements and criteria, quickly and easily from one location.
Intelligently automate processes
Generate, route, send and store documents using existing workflows and business logic. Automate and accelerate the creation of sales quotes, order forms, proposals, invoices, contracts, and account summaries. Manage complex processes like contract management with the Component Library using filters and business logic to manage multiple data sources and documents from a single template.
Accelerate delivery
Shorten the service-to-cash cycles by presenting the right data and documents at the right time. Generate documents from any standard and custom object at the click of a button, by batch, or workflow. Customize delivery, cloud storage, and E-signature capabilities using third-party integrations.
Save time creating and sending the same document to multiple contacts in your system. Use the same template for multiple records to generate multiple documents in the same amount of clicks it takes to produce one document package.