Advanced Forms

ProntoForms offers a contextual digital forms experience, enabling field employees to reliably complete complex inspections, checklists, and other tasks using mobile devices. The platform seamlessly integrates with the ServiceMax app on the device, and all collected data is incorporated into the ServiceMax Cloud. ProntoForms’ intuitive point-and-click Form Builder makes it easy to deploy and manage your mobile solution; it scales easily into multiple business processes. ProntoForms is a secure, proven, and reliable platform.

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Supports Offline Use Cases
Yes, All ServiceMax Mobile Platforms
ServiceMax Mobility Platforms Supported
Windows Laptop
Windows Surface
Apple iPad
Apple iPhone
Android Tablet
Android Phone
Web Browser
Integration to ServiceMax
Available Integration
ServiceMax Certified
Partner Type
Software Solution
ProntoForms Corporation

Features and Benefits

Process Standardization
Deploy consistent methods, while increasing compliance and predictability, and create contextual and dynamic workflows that adapt to real-world scenarios.
Agility & Adaptability
Tailor forms and apps with rapid no-code tools, and continuously improve predictability of service fulfillment.
Dynamic User Workflows
Guides field workers by showing/hiding questions and supporting content as required.
Custom Workflows
Trigger downstream workflows, based on user inputs, into ServiceMax and optionally to other systems, e.g. Salesforce, SharePoint, OneDrive, Box
Asset-Centric Service
Enhance service workflows and analysis with rich, accurate, and timely data, and provide context and focus for the field worker, with offline asset data sharing.
Seamless Hand-off of Contextual Data
Launch ProntoForms from the ServiceMax app (FSA) or ServiceMax Cloud.
Rich Data Capture
Photos & sketches, Date/Time & GPS stamps, audio, signature, barcode, offline calculations, contextual help/docs.
Full Mobile Offline Functionality
Retain contextual workflows while offline.