DEF Network Adopts ServiceMax To Digitize Global Service Operations

Fire detection specialist to leverage real-time IoT data, digitize inspections for customer compliance and fuel future growth through service data insights

London, UK, 14 June 2021ServiceMax, the leader in asset-centric field service management, today announced that DEF Network companies have standardized on ServiceMax’s field service management platform for the digitization of its service operations globally. The DEF Network is an independent international network of fire safety experts, comprising more than 60 companies. By digitizing its service operations and leveraging real time IoT data, the DEF Network will further elevate customer service and efficiency levels, streamline reporting and fuel future growth. ServiceMax partner, SpringFive, is leading the implementation.

As one of the European leaders in fire detection, security alarms, CCTV and intrusion prevention, the DEF Network protects customers against multiple types of fire risks through state-of-the-art solutions, as well as compliance with a demanding regulatory framework. While in-depth inspections at customer sites can take several days, the fire detection industry has stringent SLAs, demanding speed, reliability and compliance.

“Last year we launched a digital transformation program, FIRE 360, to standardize our service processes for companies within the network,” said Youssef Bensaid, Director of Digital Transformation at DEF Network. “The main objective of FIRE 360 is to increase the efficiency of our field technicians and improve customer satisfaction. By selecting ServiceMax, we can digitize our service operations intelligently and provide 100 percent mobility for our field technicians. ServiceMax enables us to plan, service and maintain more effectively. The use of IoT data in our diagnostic tools and in ServiceMax will be a great enabler to achieve our objectives.”

“ServiceMax is more than just a platform. It embeds key business processes and logic that capture the innovation, automation, mobility and customer experience we’re looking for. Our implementation partner, SpringFive, has more than a decade of experience working with ServiceMax and their field service expertise means they really understand both the platform and how our business works. As a result, we can meet the needs of our customers more efficiently, customize any specific compliance requirements they may have and provide full visibility of service maintenance and delivery.”

The ServiceMax platform will link to IoT connected panels on customer sites, enabling efficient service through proactive, connected service. The platform replaces multiple disparate front and back-office processes and manual reporting activities, providing technicians with a mobile reporting capability on site. In addition to accelerating reporting time and reducing administration with ServiceMax, service managers can analyze data to facilitate service, schedule and control technician work, improve customer service, streamline service operations and harness new business opportunities.

Neil Barua, CEO of ServiceMax, added, “The DEF Network is a great example of how specialist organizations are helping to keep the world running through proactive safety inspections. The ability to provide our customers with critical visibility into their asset data is fundamental to meeting stringent industry compliance and performance levels, empowering organizational growth and maintaining end user customer confidence.”

An important part of the ServiceMax adoption is the ability to digitize service inspections. Many customers require proof that all their detection systems on site have been tested and are in line with compliance obligations. This is an important but time-consuming task and subject to human error. A service technician may need to inspect all detection systems over multiple floors in a building, and check they are triggered in the panel in the same order. With the implementation of ServiceMax, and using IoT data, this time-consuming process will be fully digitized, saving time for technicians and providing accurate information to customers.

With ServiceMax, technicians can input directly into their mobile which syncs with IoT sensors in real time, providing an audit of each inspected asset. With over 45,000 work orders per year across more than 15,000 contracts, the streamlining of this activity alone will reduce reporting from 40 minutes per day per technician down to around five minutes.

SpringFive is in the process of implementing DEF Network processes in the ServiceMax platform across Europe, starting with DEF Italia, Clarkson Safety, DEF Belgium then DEF France and SSI Service this year with additional DEF Network Subsidiaries to follow. The solution will be deployed to 500 technicians and managers globally with the potential to increase to 800.

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The DEF Network, an international and independent network of companies, is one of Europe’s leading providers of Fire Safety. Founded in 1958 by Daniel Lécuyer, the Network’s father and current President, DEF Network is based in 10 countries and comprises 60 companies globally. Through its expertise and complementary companies, the DEF Network provides products and services for projects of all levels of complexity. The expertise assembled within the Network goes well beyond detection and extinguishing, integrating public address audio solutions, management of emergency exits, and smoke venting. DEF Network (

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