Press Release

Greenspring Energy Becomes a Business For All Seasons With ServiceMax

Solar Energy Installer Makes Great Service a Year-Round Promise With Better Field Service Management

Santa Clara, CA – March 24, 2011 – Today, ServiceMax announced that leading solar energy installer Greenspring Energy implemented ServiceMax to help reshape the way it manages field service operations. Solar energy systems installation is a rapidly growing market; according to solar market research group Solarbuzz , the solar panel industry is expected to grow to five times its current size within five years – and Greenspring is poised to keep pace. Installations, however, are a seasonal, warm weather business as the company is based in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. With ServiceMax, Greenspring has been able to build out its preventative maintenance service to create a year-round business.

Like any other field service organization, Greenspring knows that efficiency within its own operations is paramount to time and cost savings. In business for four years, the company began with whiteboards to manage all service calls across its five installation and three electrical teams. The process was inefficient and gave support teams little visibility into technician scheduling, making great service hard to implement. The organization needed to rethink its field service management and it sought a cloud-based solution to introduce company-wide transparency and efficiency.

Greenspring chose cloud-based ServiceMax, which has led to:

Better insight into customer lifecycles and interactions via seamless integration with the company’s CRM solution;

Time savings from better technician scheduling with the cloud-based system that is visible to all employees via;

Time and cost savings from ServiceMax’s inventory capabilities, which enable Greenspring to capture, monitor and automatically update location-based inventory data, for all types of parts transactions, including parts requests, stock adjustment or stock transfer;

Minimized warranty leakage with better contracts management to ensure that technicians provide appropriate levels of service to each customer. This will ultimately lead to cost savings and revenue growth with renewed contract sales; and

A year-round business, by giving Greenspring the tools to put preventative maintenance agreements in place.
“Since implementing ServiceMax earlier this year my team has already realized significant time savings with scheduling and parts management. For us, better parts tracking has led to huge cost savings,” said Marie Stratton, project coordinator at Greenspring. “But the biggest benefit has better warrantee and contract management. Solar installations are really something for the warmer months, especially here in the Mid-Atlantic. So offering better year-round service is something that is really going to keep our business humming throughout the colder months.”

“We are delighted that customers like Greenspring are able to find time and cost savings with ServiceMax so they can focus on great field service,” said Dave Yarnold, CEO of ServiceMax. “Many of our customers come across the same field service issues – they are looking for better scheduling and parts management in order to save time and money. But what they don’t anticipate is the opportunity to grow their business from a service standpoint. In this way, Greenspring is typical of many customers who realize, after implementing ServiceMax, that better field service management can give them the foundation for new service-based revenue streams.”