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ServiceMax Announces Infinity: Never-Ending Field Service Technology and a New Vision for Business Software

New Infinity Framework Includes Service Flow Manager, Service Quality Index and Insights Engine

PLEASANTON, CA — May 21, 2013 — 
ServiceMax, the leading field service management solution for a new era of business, announced today is new framework and vision for the way enterprise software is delivered through the cloud to serve complex business processes, called the Infinity Framework.

ServiceMax Infinity turns software into a dynamic service that adjusts with a business and never needs to be replaced or re-implemented and for which end users do not have to be re-trained. It adapts, evolves and grows with a company, delivering consistent value at every turn of complex business operations — such as field service.

For the field service industry specifically, Infinity brings to life the data collected with each and every service visit, customer account and work order, and transforms those trends and patterns into real-world business process insights. Infinity then makes adjustments — at the business-wide and individual tech level alike — to ensure the delivery of truly flawless field service.

ServiceMax's Infinity Framework is based on three big innovations:

Service Flow Manager: Instantly Update Any Workflow 
With Service Flow Manager, deploy new or improved processes easily as business needs change. Service Flow Manager dynamically guides field technicians through any new or updated workflow, ensuring consistent and best-practice-driven service quality on every visit, while eliminating re-training just because a new process is added to the mix. With Service Flow Manager, companies can now literally click on a process, decide how and when they want to roll it out — to everyone, to some people, to one person — and then simply deploy the new workflow. The entire organization is up and running instantly, including from any mobile device. Service Flow Manager is the technological backbone of Infinity and is available in our software today.

Service Quality Index™: Define What Flawless Field Service Means to You
As the experts in field service, we believe that delivering flawless field service is a combination of people, process, and this self-adjusting technology. ServiceMax''s Service Quality Index (SQI) empowers companies to establish and automatically report on their own service quality goals — something that was previously ambiguous and hard to do in any industry, especially one as varied and peculiar as field service. ServiceMax SQI is your way of setting objectives and measuring how successful you''ve been based on the factors that you prioritize and against which you want your service organization to be measured. ServiceMax SQI then tracks the status and your historical performance based on both goals and actual achievements.    

The ServiceMax Insights Engine
The ServiceMax Insights Engine constantly monitors usage, transactions and every activity that happens within the software, processing every bit of data, delivering actionable information and providing suggested changes to help you reach those SQI goals. Service Flow Manager then easily allows such changes based on actual usage, performance and goals.

"ServiceMax is hitting the right problem at the right time," said John Ragsdale, Vice President, Technology Research at the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA). "Many of our members come to us for benchmarking assistance, struggling to understand how their own service metrics compare to their peers. The Infinity Framework — in particular the idea of a Service Quality Index — is the first attempt I''ve seen to have the application itself prescribe which metrics need a stronger focus based on the goals of the client — brilliant!"

"The evolution of service has led organizations to move beyond a 'break/fix' mindset to embrace a more proactive way of servicing customers," noted Aly Pinder, Senior Research Associate Aberdeen Group. "Top performing organizations have prioritized solutions in knowledge management and business intelligence in the next 12 months in order to cultivate intelligence and more importantly glean insight to further improve the service organization and enhance the customer experience."

"We have not only reimagined the way companies of all types and stripes can perfect field service for their customers, we are also broadly rethinking what it means to offer software through the cloud," said Dave Yarnold, CEO of ServiceMax. "The future of SaaS is to take data-driven insights to the next level by providing a sort of 'perpetual software' that suggests and empowers better business overall."

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About ServiceMax
There are more than five million field service technicians in the United States alone, yet today there is no standard technology for managing the way companies of all types and stripes empower them to truly delight their customers in the field. ServiceMax is rethinking field service and delivering on the promise of cloud and mobile software, powering a new era of field service experiences for their customers’ customers. The impact of ServiceMax is simple: lower costs, greater efficiency, happier customers; all while increasing revenue. ServiceMax has helped customers on average increase productivity through mobile by 26 percent, service revenue by 22 percent, and customer satisfaction by 15 percent. ServiceMax customers include large enterprises such as Coca-Cola Enterprises and Elekta, and smaller businesses like McKinley Equipment and Kinetico. Based in Pleasanton, California, they are a company of innovators, thinkers, and doers who care passionately about changing the world of field service. To learn more, please visit