Press Release

ServiceMax Introduces ServiceMax Three

Complete Suite of On-Demand Field Service Applications Helps Companies Improve Service, Cut Costs and Increase Service Revenues

SANTA CLARA, CA — ServiceMax, a leading provider of on-demand field service solutions, today announced ServiceMax Three, the latest version of its comprehensive suite of on-demand field service applications. ServiceMax Three offers a range of powerful enhancements, including more sophisticated workforce scheduling and optimization functionality, highly flexible contract management features and fully configurable inventory capabilities – all designed to help service organizations increase revenues and reduce costs, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. ServiceMax Three is available today, with enhancements continuing through January. To see the ServiceMax Suite in action, visit the ServiceMax Booth #202 at Dreamforce, view an online product tour, or register for an upcoming introductory webinar.

Built and delivered on the platform, with the dependability and flexibility customers have come to expect, ServiceMax is already used by many organizations for post-sales service, field service and strategic service chain management. Key enhancements in ServiceMax Three include:

Advanced field workforce scheduling and dispatch optimization, which enables organizations to automatically identify and dispatch the best technician for each job. Technicians are matched and dispatched, based on real-time considerations, including skills and expertise, certifications, availability, response- time commitments, and geographical proximity. The optimization engine uses street-level route optimization techniques, continuously adjusting assignments as needed to ensure that technicians are best utilized and are traveling the most efficient routes throughout the day. As a result, driving distances are minimized, response times are reduced, and technicians are best matched to address customer needs – providing tremendous efficiencies to organizations with large field workforces and tight response time windows.
Increased flexibility in contract and service-level agreement (SLA) management that helps field service organizations address varying customer demands while monitoring and maintaining a wide range of SLAs. With this significantly enhanced module, companies can tailor service contracts to customer needs, defining response and resolution time commitments and closely tracking them through service delivery cycles to measure service effectiveness. The module also simplifies development and management of customer-specific maintenance plans, automatically creating job orders for upcoming maintenance activities. Robust KPIs provide alerts when service contracts expire, triggering upsell activities. These capabilities enable companies to better manage service contracts and SLAs, offer flexible service options and maximize field service revenues.
Advanced, fully configurable inventory capabilities that simplify setup and management of complex inventory processes, as well as integrating warehouses, service partners, third-party logistics providers, field engineers and other entities. With a fast, easy-to-use configuration console, field service organizations can define steps that encompass forward and reverse logistics processes, including shipment setup, parts movement, return materials authorization (RMA), parts replacement, stock adjustment, cycle count and other inventory processes. In-transit inventory tracking, serial history tracking, and stock history tracking can also be incorporated as needed.
“Field Service organizations have been stuck with archaic ERP and CRM systems like Siebel and Oracle, narrow point solutions, and cobbled together spreadsheets for too long. With the technology advantages we get from the platform, we are able to rapidly innovate and surpass the technology laggards in lightning speed,” said Dave Yarnold, CEO, ServiceMax. “Our customers are blown away by the functionality we are delivering.”

ServiceMax is Transforming Field Service
ServiceMax Suite is the first and only complete, on-demand solution for post-sales service, field service, and strategic service chain management. The suite helps organizations increase both revenue and customer satisfaction by streamlining and optimizing all field service activities. Built and delivered as a native cloud application, ServiceMax customers are up and running quickly with a simple, pay-as-you-go software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is completely integrated with their CRM. ServiceMax customers include large enterprises like DuPont and smaller companies like Everyday Wireless and AdvantaClean. ServiceMax is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.