Press Release

ServiceMax Names Dave Yarnold as CEO

ServiceMax, a leading provider of on-demand field service solutions, today announced that David Yarnold, a veteran in the software as a service (SaaS) and field service industries, has joined Maxplore as chief executive officer, as the company marks an impressive year of growth. ServiceMax is the creator of ServiceMax, a complete field service management solution built and delivered via cloud computing, on’s platform. Since launching in 2007, 25 customers from around the world have adopted ServiceMax to improve service operations, drive more services revenue and turn post-sales service into a competitive differentiator.

“The current economy makes post-sale service a critical business operation that impacts customer loyalty and the bottom line. Until now, field service organizations have been held back by antiquated client-server systems that are hard to implement, costly to maintain, and out of date,” said Dave Yarnold. “ServiceMax delivers a SaaS-based solution that gives field service organizations real-time access to operational data, flexibility, ease of use, and lower costs.”

Incorporating on demand field service is essential as customer support moves to the cloud computing model. Built and delivered as a native application, ServiceMax helps customers drive all aspects of post-sales service delivery . Customers using ServiceMax inherit the security, customization, integration and other benefits of the platform as well as the reliability, scalability and availability of’s trusted global infrastructure.

“ServiceMax’s rapid and capital efficient growth validates this new model of cloud-based computing applications as the next wave of SaaS,” said Jason Green, general partner at Emergence Capital. “With the platform, ServiceMax was able to deliver an enterprise grade product, build a global customer base and attract a proven leader like Dave Yarnold on less than $1 million in invested capital. As a venture investor, I love that.”

Prior to joining ServiceMax, Yarnold led sales for some of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the enterprise software business, including SuccessFactors and Clarify. As the executive vice president of Global Sales at SuccessFactors, the leading SaaS talent management provider, Yarnold grew sales from $5 million in 2003 to over $100 million in 2007, when SuccessFactors joined the public markets and became one of the first public SaaS companies. Yarnold is also a veteran of Clarify, the pioneer in CRM and field service software, where he was responsible for North American sales. ServiceMax’s co-founder and former CEO, Sam Mukherjee, has assumed the role of president and chief customer officer.