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ServiceMax Publishes New Field Service eBook

Patrice Eberline's "A Diamond in the Rough" provides businesses with actionable insight on how to capture maximum value from field service transformation

PLEASANTON, Calif. — December 10, 2015 — Patrice Eberline, Vice President of Global Customer Transformation at ServiceMax, the field service management solution for a new era of business, today published a new eBook entitled “Diamond in the Rough.” The eBook, which is available for download via ServiceMax’s blog, presents actionable strategies for businesses to navigate the rapid changes taking place within the field service industry. As the industry that literally keeps the world running, field service and its rapid evolution stands to have a huge impact on its associated businesses, necessitating the innovative approaches that Eberline outlines to successfully pilot these shifts.

Field service began a massive change to root its business in mobile and the cloud to better meet consumer and client demands. While this presents an exciting opportunity for service businesses to better serve their customers, it also leaves potential gaps in IT and company infrastructure in how to evolve alongside field service. By drawing on her extensive experience at ServiceMax and in the broader enterprise software industry, Eberline is able to provide guidance on these changes in “Diamond in the Rough,” and develop concrete methodology for evaluating field service management tools against business’ needs.

In particular, Eberline articulates ways in which businesses can think more holistically in terms of their field service operations. She stresses, for instance, that successful implementation of field service software requires a full integration between IT and field service teams to better drive a business’ bottom line. Moreover, Eberline also presents evergreen strategies – such as her “Business Realization Process” – that enable businesses to define and articulate operational benefits and leverage them as a framework for action and execution.

“I’ve spent a number of years in the field service industry,” explained Patrice Eberline, author of “Diamond in the Rough.” “And I’ve seen a clear disconnect between the direction that field service is heading, and business leaders’ understanding of its role. I’ve worked to bridge that divide both in my time at ServiceMax, and in this eBook, so that businesses might have a better understanding of how they can adapt parallel to field service, and become more nimble organizations as a result.”

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