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ServiceMax Releases First-Ever Consumer Survey on State of Field Service

ServiceMax Releases First-Ever Consumer Survey on State of Field Service 
Evolving Field Service Business Model Unlocks Proactive Services for the Connected Consumer 

PLEASANTON, Calif. - 16 December, 2015 - ServiceMax, the field service management solution for a new era of business, today released the findings of its first-ever consumer survey studying the perception of the field service industry and consumer expectations. The survey, which sampled more than 4,000 participants across a range of demographics, found that while 55 percent of respondents had received some sort of field service over the past year, only 11 percent of those same respondents were familiar with what field service entails. These findings demonstrate a measurable gap between the utility of the field service industry for consumers and their perception of its impact on their lives. 

The survey’s biggest takeaways outline the industry’s on-going need to educate consumers on field service’s overarching role, as well as how to maximize its utility to consumers. Moreover, the survey indicates that there are clear opportunities for field service to meet emerging consumer expectations. In particular, younger, digitally native consumers’ embrace of both subscription-model service and proactive service signifies a major opportunity for the industry to shift its business model accordingly. 

While the majority of field service customers are satisfied with their experience – 83 percent of participating consumers reported positive interactions with their field service technician – there’s a significant number of respondents that reported dissatisfaction due to technicians who were unable to complete a job because they were missing a part or were lacking sufficient technical knowledge. This lack of preparedness could stem from the study’s conclusion that historically technicians have been largely dependent on analog tools – like clipboards and paper – to manage their jobs. 

“Field service has always had to battle the stereotype that it’s a ‘back-burner’ industry,” noted Athani Krishnaprasad, co-founder and chief strategy officer at ServiceMax. “As this survey indicates though, there’s never been a better time to shift that assumption. Evolving consumer demands isn’t a hurdle for our business – it’s an opportunity to change the dialogue with consumers and subsequently chip away at the disconnect around what field service is all about.” 

Field service is undergoing a rapid transformation and is having a  significant impact on consumers and manufacturers alike. From industrial manufacturing to energy to medical devices, industries of all kinds are leveraging technologies like the Internet of Things and connected devices.  The result is a streamlined customer field service experience that increases customer satisfaction, grows service revenues, and improves operational efficiencies. As the field service industry embraces changing business models and new technology both the business world and consumers will reap the benefits. 

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