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ServiceMax’s Maturity Assessment tool brings the intuition about your field service performance, together with an objective analysis of your position amongst industry leaders. It takes a straightforward approach to help you develop the right priorities for process improvement, in key areas such as customer satisfaction, utilization and cost controls.

Have your FTF, Leakage and SLA Attainment percentages at hand. With that, you’ll be just minutes away from assessing your business.

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Boost Field Service Productivity and Profits with Field Service Metrics

There’s no shortage of numbers field service leaders can track. But which metrics have the potential to be the most impactful to your service organization? ServiceMax has identified the top 5 field service power metrics that executives need to know.

We Wrote the Book on Field Service Transformation


A Diamond in the Rough: Unleashing the Power of Field Service Transformation

Written by Patrice Eberline, VP of Global Customer Transformation

Let’s set the stage and get real about Field Service. For years—decades even—Field Service as a domain has either been over-simplified in its scope and ability to affect the bottom line, been under-prioritized when investing in systems and tools, or a combination of both. Whether your company manufactures and services equipment, or provides Field Service for a variety of manufacturers, and whether you use “in-house” Field Service engineers or leverage third parties, it is likely that you have been at the end of the investment food chain. 

This book casts aside the traditional role of field service within a company, and then offers insights and proofs into how it can be one of the biggest, untapped revenue sources available. 

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