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Net Promoter Score
Equipment Uptime

A visible, connected installed base has the power to fundamentally change the way you deliver products and services. Outages and downtime are minimised, calls to the service desk to log a “case” become obsolete, and most importantly, your customer stays delighted. In fact, the average ServiceMax field service management customer increases net promoter scores by 20%* and increases equipment uptime by 12%*.

*Average ServiceMax customer results

Solutions to Guarantee Equipment Uptime

Connected Field Service Customer Case Study - Elekta

See how Elekta extends uptime of lifesaving equipment

For medical equipment industry, uptime is key. Elekta builds and maintains lifesaving equipment for cancer and brain disorders. To deliver more consistent uptime, and to improve patient outcomes, the company embarked on the Connected Field Service journey. Its goal is to achieve more uninterrupted uptime, faster remote resolution, more predictive service.

Connected Field Service

Proactive service for maximum uptime and customer satisfaction

Your flagship product just sent an alert from the customer’s location, it’s failing, downtime is imminent, but you don't worry. You have all the information you need to diagnose the issue, automate a detailed work order, send an engineer and fix the problem before it ever becomes one. Sound too good to be true?

ServiceMax delivers IoT-connected field service to enable remote diagnostics, efficient service, and accurate failure predictions. ServiceMax works with an IoT platform of your choice to deliver Connected Field Service.

Predict equipment failures before they happen to deliver next-generation services

Are you in the business of asset uptime delivery? In the age of connected equipment, service organisations want to capitalise on their installed base and create closer relationships with customers to deliver next-generation services. By harnessing the Industrial IoT (IIoT) and combining the power of machine data, conditions monitoring, predictive analytics, real-time asset alerts and maintenance execution you can make contractual uptime promises and offer product-as-a-service programs.

ServiceMax and Asset Performance Management (APM) from GE Digital work seamlessly as one solution to help drive these new service models. Armed with root cause analysis, risk assessments, diagnostics and recommendations from GE Digital’s proven APM application, field service organisations use ServiceMax to track critical installed products easily, plan for their maintenance effectively and deliver service efficiently with the right people and resources for every job.

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