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White Paper
Doubling Down in an Upcycle: Digital Priorities for Oilfield Service


  • Oil & Energy

This white paper delves into four broad digital imperatives that OFS firms should use to navigate the new recovery.

White Paper
Do I Build or Do I Buy?


Organizations relying on Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Field Service are well on their way to digital transformation. As they recognize the growing need for asset-centric functionality such as Depot Repair, Return Shipments, Automation, Entitlements, Warranties and Service Contracts, service organizations are evaluating their options.

White Paper
The Costs, Causes & Consequences of Unplanned Downtime


The management of assets is an ongoing and never-ending struggle for organizations. There are so many different facets and features to successfully maintaining an asset estate that organizations can never take their eye off the ball. One slip-up can cause a potentially catastrophic disaster, or at the very least, an episode of unplanned downtime costing vast sums of money and negative brand implications. For these very reasons, it is an absolute necessity for organizations to prevent unplanned downtime.

White Paper
The Rise of “Asset and Service Data Gravity"


Asset and Service Data is one of the most critical and valuable data sets collected, aggregated and analyzed in an organization. It is also one of the most neglected and untapped sources of actionable insights that has the potential to connect and benefit every function in the organization and help you stay miles ahead of the competition. Effective transition to this advanced business model will be intrinsically linked to the ability to successfully collect and use this data.

White Paper
Equipment Dealers


  • Building & Construction
  • Machinery

Heavy equipment, material handling, and lift truck dealers have been instrumental in ensuring the continued operation of the international supply chain—they are essential in keeping the world running. As national economies closed, various segments of the industry were recognized as “Essential Services.” It quickly became apparent just how important this particular market segment is.

White Paper
Knowledge = Field Service Profits


Leverage knowledge management tools to outperform your peers. Knowledge management is one of the hottest topics among field service executives. Like never before, field service organizations are being recognized as a source of valuable recurring revenues and profits. At the same time, field service managers are being buffeted by the winds of change—demographic and technological—that are driving renewed interest in knowledge management strategies.

White Paper
From Grease to Code: What Drives Digital Service Transformation (And What Lies Ahead)


Download the Forrester Executive Summary and our Whitepaper to discover how: The digitalization of industrial services requires new skills and how the marketplace (or new mixed labour models) will shape the future of talent sourcing; the focus on digital transformation has placed companies’ attention on harnessing equipment data for insights, exploring new business models, and implementing digital technologies; companies aim to better understand the lifetime of their equipment, how to improve it and how to impact customer satisfaction and business revenue.

White Paper
ServiceMax's Professional Services


ServiceMax's Professional Services offers a broad range of customizable services, project management capabilities, and advanced toolsets that support a customer on their journey to plan, implement, adopt, maintain or grow their ServiceMax solution. Professional Services connects the dots between your business processes, your desired outcomes and the ServiceMax product functionality to provide an optimized field service management business.

White Paper
The 5 Sustainability Opportunities for Field Service


Companies that are committed to sustainability are increasingly efficient, use fewer resources, create less waste to generate a unit of revenue, and produce higher returns on investment. In fact, Aberdeen found that nearly half of the Best-in-Class companies currently have a service-specific sustainability initiative in place. More telling than current adoption rates is the reason why organisations are looking to sustainability initiatives in the first place - to increase productivity and resource utilisation, enhance speed of service delivery, and eliminate service-related costs.

White Paper
Accelerate Your Field Service Outcomes with Mobility


Discover how service leaders can succeed better by expanding their understanding of the key drivers for field service mobility, the considerations for choosing the right field service mobile solution and the business benefits of a mobile-first strategy.

White Paper
ServiceMax Field Service Management


ServiceMax is the leader in Field Service Management. Our solution enables organizations to drive new sources of revenue, increase efficiencies in their service operations, and expand both customer satisfaction and overall market differentiation.

White Paper
The Future of spare parts management: Disruption, Opportunity and Innovation


At ServiceMax, we believe that giving the technicians out on the field a full visibility of the spare parts, at all time, is paramount to improve first-time fix rate, and improve customer satisfaction as well as cash flow. Nothing frustrates customers (and field technicians) more than the inability to complete the service because a spare part is missing. Did you know that 30 percent of failed service is due to parts unavailability?

White Paper
The Changing Face of the Field Service Engineer


ServiceMax have teamed up with Field Service News to deep dive into how the role of the field service engineer is evolving. Almost three quarters of companies (73%) identify an ageing workforce as a potential threat to their field service operations. How should companies of today prepare their workforce for the challenges of tomorrow?

White Paper
What is the Role of ERP in Field Service?


WHAT IS THE ROLE OF ERP IN FIELD SERVICE? Here are 5 myths and 5 truths to guide your integration and technology decisions for your company’s field service organization.

White Paper
Top 5 Tips to Increase Technician Utilization


Top 5 Tips to Increase Technician Utilization Never underestimate the power of information

White Paper
Top 10 Reasons to Take Your Field Service to the Cloud


Service organizations both large and small are flocking to the cloud. They are abandoning on-premise software and simplifying technology so they can focus on what’s important: improving technician productivity and making customers happy. Here are 10 reasons why they have made the switch and why you need to take your service organization to the cloud… or get left behind.