Plan Overview

ServiceMax’s Professional Service organization will connect the dots between your business processes, your desired outcomes and the ServiceMax product functionality. We take the time to understand your business requirements not only to manage your field service business but to transform it. We use our extensive field service expertise to offer a wide range of customizable services to provide you with a project that will deliver results.

Field Service Maturity Assessment

ServiceMax’s Maturity Assessment tool brings the intuition about your field service performance, together with an objective analysis of your position amongst industry leaders. It takes a straightforward approach to help you develop the right priorities for process improvement, in key areas such as customer satisfaction, utilization and cost controls.

Have your FTF, Leakage and SLA Attainment percentages at hand. With that, you’ll be just minutes away from assessing your business.

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Implementation Planning

ServiceMax has experience planning implementations from 10 to 10,000 technicians. Over the years we have taken that knowledge and turned it into best practices - allowing us to guide you along the path to realize the full value of ServiceMax faster. Whether your company needs to augment their existing IT team or wants to engage a team from our Advisory Services, ServiceMax Professional Services will bring its extensive expertise in Field Service to help you realize your business outcomes.

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Enterprise Architecture

In an Enterprise Architecture engagement we will evaluate, rationalize and recommend a composite of applications and supporting technologies to fulfill business requirements in a scalable, extensible, 'affordable' and durable architecture. Layering your business process over ServiceMax and Salesforce with other enterprise systems, we holistically analyse and catalog applications and services in context of your business strategies and requirements. Using this analyses, supplemented with understanding your broad enterprise technology landscape, we collaborate to craft a strategy (often times through a progression of documented architecture states) towards a streamlined, some times expanded but always more capable picture of a future enterprise architecture.

Enterprise Architecture work may include a variety of thought processes – on many topics – each topic at different depth and/or breadth. Developing meaningful outputs from an engagement relies on being pragmatic, but having all the tools available to develop an appropriate level of coverage on the topics that drive business outcomes.

Change Management

When planning technology transformation it is important to not forget the Human element. Often times we focus on the technology and ignore the field service technician that is expected to learn and embrace a new way to work. Transformation needs to be managed from a people perspective as well as the technology so that the outcomes will be realized. Our approach to change management includes, focusing on the service outcomes, understanding the organizational challenges, building common insights based on the voices that enable the business outcomes - providing a path to transformation that includes the human element.