Functional Roadmap

The ServiceMax Functional Roadmap Engagement defines a global application baseline and deployment plan. With Critical inputs from the customer, the team will agree on a broad set of deployment assumptions with the field service and IT leadership, document important assumptions as program guideposts for the implementation team and review processes at a high level to validate compatibility. The key deliverables from the functional roadmap process is a Blueprint Executive Summary which includes a phased deployment plan that includes a license schedule and training approach and an Initial Design Document with High level functional , technical and interface design.

Multiphase Rollout

Developing a strategy to define a consistent and measurable approach for deploying your ServiceMax solution across phases and regions is time well spent as one can either iterate success or iterate mistakes. The goal is to develop a deployment and rollout strategy rooted in best practice and informed by your organizations priorities and dependencies to define a repeatable pattern that can be re-used and refined; becoming a natural part of your organizations evolution and expansion of Field Service while capturing the hearts and minds of your Field Service team and customers alike.


Nothing should stand in the way of a full return on your field service management investment. With a solid plan and strong IT governance, your ServiceMax implementation is positioned for success. Engaging with the ServiceMax team of experts means you’ll never have to fall back on autonomous decision-making, isolated cross-functional teams or depend on the gallant efforts of a few star team members. ServiceMax Strategic Consultants deliver hundreds of years of combined experience to assist with large global rollouts.

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