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GE Healthcare Global Services Puts Customers First With Cloud-Based Field Service Platform

Key Takeaways

Technicians for GE Healthcare Global Services are not direct patient care medical professionals, but they play an essential role in the overall quality of care that medical facilities provide to patients. These skilled troubleshooters diagnose and treat problems on medical equipment that help keep patients healthy. Their role in maintaining and servicing these devices has almost as much impact on quality of care as the attending physician’s. The ability to service equipment efficiently and effectively is a key reason the company implemented ServiceMax for cloud-based field service management.

Five years later, the system has resulted in significant gains. They include:

  • A 50% reduction in the call center abandon rate
  • Post-call work reduction of 30% from its peak
  • A simplified parts ordering and debrief process
  • A fully integrated call center, dispatch, remote support and debrief process resulting in a 25% reduction in field engineers’ travel times
  • A reduction in call center volume of 40% with introduction of self-service portals.