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How FieldFX Transformed Liberty Lift Operations

From Paper to Digital Efficiency

Liberty Lift had an unhealthy reliance on paper for its operations and project management. All documentation of field activities were written on paper—field tickets, JSAs, unit/vehicle inspections, permits—everything. These documents would be misplaced or would take forever to reach their intended destination, and Liberty Lift had a hard time putting together correct invoices. To fix the problem, they implemented FieldFX to digitize their ticketing processes and complete tasks even if there was no network connection.

In this case study, you'll learn how FieldFX helped Liberty Lift:

  • Digitize their Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Inspection forms
  • Create up-to-date and accurate quotes and prices
  • Institute a customer portal for their communities
  • Achieve digital, error-free efficiency across the whole organization