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ServiceMax Installed Base Management

System of record for as-maintained equipment

Key Takeaways

For most manufacturers and operators, who have equipment spread across geographically dispersed sites and serviced by multiple crews, maintaining a clean and accurate installed base repository is a daunting task. Yet it is vital. Unfortunately, with siloed tracking systems and approaches, it’s nearly impossible to have an accurate and reliable database. Without knowing the installed base footprint—the who, what and where related to your equipment and assets being used—service organizations cannot conduct the right service actions, deliver the right experiences, attach the right products, and thereby grow their service business.

ServiceMax delivers powerful installed base management capabilities that can serve as the foundational system of record of your as-maintained asset data. In addition, this data is easily accessible to stakeholders on the go. Technicians can review equipment service history, account locations, and customer and maintenance notes—even when there is no internet connectivity—to deliver fast and effective service that exceeds customer expectations.